Cook's Go-To Tackle Storage System

Cook's Go-To Tackle Storage System is a revolutionary new system that converts the dead space under the deck compartment lids of your boat into highly usable, exceptionally convenient storage space. Perfect for hanging spinnerbaits and jigs, it also includes clips to store packed soft plastic baits. When your deck lid is open, baits stored in the organizers may be easily taken out, however, when the lids are closed, all baits are securely locked into place, keeping them tangle-free - even in rough water.

Rack Dimensions: 12" x 1" x 1"

-Includes: 2 racks, 12 rings, screws & hardware, and installation instructions.
-Tournament-Tested & Rough Water Proven
-Made in the USA

"Cook's Go-To Tackle Storage system gives me the advantage to utilize my boat's dead space, better organization of tackle, and keeps me fishing longer without searching for baits. Whether you're a tournament angler, or a weekend warrior, I would recommend this product to anyone who takes their fishing seriously." - Kelly Jones Jr., owner of Kicker Fish Bait Co. & professional tournament angler.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I purchased two of these.  I found that spinnerbaits and jigs will fall out in rough water.  They will also get bent if your compartment is full and there isn't enough space to accomodate the spinnerbaits.  If I had extra space, why would i need this system!  Doesn't make sense does it...

From: Jake: Richland, WA 2/20/17

Comments: Use the grey 3M double sided tape that you use to replace auto molding. Use the wide size, mine have been stuck for over a year, no problems.

From: Butch: USA 12/30/14

Comments: For the Guy wanting more rings. They are old style shower curtain rings. Should be able to Google metal shower curtain rings. If not I bet the Navy still uses them, a friendly Sailor or Marine should be able to hook you up.

From: Lou: Middletown, Ohio

Comments: Cook's Go-To Tackle Storage System: Great product if you have a brace on inside your storage install there I would recomend size #8 Screws u can install 2 per locker on your stbd rod locker u can go 4,I have 6 I'm getting 4 more if your a jig fisherman this is the product,It ther when u need it,jigs, spinners etc , I would not use there screws to small

From: Paul: Patterson, CA

Comments: These things are a simple elegant solution for easy access to your jigs, spinnerbaits and soft plastics. Once you have them you wonder how you fished without them before.

From: Andrew: Victoria, BC, Canada 

Comments: I currently have 6 sets of Cook's in my boat and love them. I'm able to store 144 spinnerbaits/jigs in areas that were previously wasted space. Dollar for dollar one of the best accessories you can add to any boat.

From: Eric: Fayetteville, AR

Comments: Have used a Cook's Tackle Storage System in my last two boats, and will be putting one in my 2012 BassCat Puma FTD. I put two of them mounted vertically in my front storage box, and hang bags of soft plastics and other tackle. Easy to mount, just 4 small screws coming up from the inside of the lid.  1/8" Pilot hole, and you are set!

From: Mike: Germantown, TN

Comments: could somebody explain how they mount? i understand that they screw on, but the lids on most stoarge boxes are 1/4 inch at the most. any help would be appreciated

From: Chip: Siler City,NC

Comments: What I love the most about my Cook's GO -TO Tackle Storage System is it allows me to utilize unused space in my boat. The system makes my jigs, spinnerbaits and plastics very accessible  and within easy reach very quickly. At a glance, I can see the color of my spinner baits and my jig skirts. This saves me valuable time, which allows me to make more casts on tournament day.

From: Edwin Evers B.A.S.S. Elite Series Pro

Comments: Awesome product, keeps the boat VERY organized!

From: Drew: Kansas City, MO

Comments: I got some of these at the Classic in New Orleans and man, do I love these.

From: Jim: Frankston, TX

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