Coolfoot Hot Foot Pad - $19.99

The Cool Foot Hot Pad was designed for the Hot Foot gas pedal becoming popular with many boaters. In the heat of the summer it is nice to wear as little as you can get away with. With the Cool Foot Hot Pad you have the option to go barefoot without blistering the bottom of your feet. The Cool Foot Hot Pad is a stylish and functional product that will look and feel great in your boat.

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Coolfoot Hot Foot Pad

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  • Black
    Stock Price Qty
    5 $19.99
  • Dark Grey
    Stock Price Qty
    4 $19.99
  • Green Camo
    Stock Price Qty
    1 $19.99
  • Grey
    Stock Price Qty
    3 $19.99
  • Red
    Stock Price Qty
    5+ $19.99
  • Snow Camo
    Stock Price Qty
    5+ $19.99

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