Cotton Cordell Big O Squarebill Crankbait - $5.59

The Cotton Cordell Big O Squarebill Crankbait is the first advance in the Big O since Cotton Cordell transformed Fred Young’s wooden carving into plastic in 1973. Now equipped with a tougher lip, they still retain that original fish-catching action, buoyant body and cover-deflecting ability as the original. Available in today’s hottest color patterns, the Cotton Cordell Big O Squarebill Crankbait is made right here in the USA.

Cotton Cordell Length Weight Depth Class
Big O C77 2-1/4" 5/16oz 3-5ft Floating
Big O C78 2-1/2" 7/16oz 3-5ft Floating

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Comments: 4 years ago I swore by these baits as they flat out caught fish, fast forward to now. They still catch fish but you will need 15 of them to produce 2 fish. I don't know what happened to the quality of their bills but they suck and break if they hit anything. I will not buy another one if my life depended on it.  Very crappy quality

From: Robert: NC

Comments: I have caught over 400 bass river and stream fishing with the chart black back orange belly. Of course it's discontinued and over priced on EBay.

From: Brian: Pikeville, Ky

Comments: All around awesome bait.I go to Canada every summer and the big "O" just kills the pike every time, and the lg.mouth and small mouth killem as well! It'the go to bait when the fishing gets slow. Have caught crappy and walleye on them as well!

From: John: wooster,ohio,usa

Comments: STOOPID Bait!! I bought one on a whim because Wal Mart is selling these things for $1.50 and was blown away by it's reliability. I bought the chrome black one and it is a tank coming through cover...the finish is nicked up pretty good now but I bought all I could get my hands on..change out the cheapie hooks and look out..

From: Oscar: Mesquite,TX

Comments: This little thing really catches fish and is my four wheel drive crank bait comes through all types of wood cover

From: lbkbassin: VA

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Chartreuse Perch
View Large
Cotton Cordell Big O Squarebill Crankbait

8 Available Colors

  • Chartreuse Perch
    Size Stock Qty
    C77 5
    C78 08/20
  • Chrome Black
    Size Stock Qty
    C77 3
    C78 4
  • Crawdad
    Size Stock Qty
    C77 5+
    C78 5+
  • Fire Tiger
    Size Stock Qty
    C77 4
    C78 1
  • Natural Crawdad
    Size Stock Qty
    C77 5+
    C78 2
  • Perch
    Size Stock Qty
    C77 08/20
    C78 1
  • Smoky Joe
    Size Stock Qty
    C77 5+
    C78 5+
  • Super Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    C77 5+

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