Cotton Cordell Super Spot

Cotton Cordell Super Spot

When bass are aggressive, there isn't anything much more efficient than burnin' up the banks with lipless crankbaits. The Super Spot, from Cotton Cordell, is a great one to tie on. The Super Spot mimmicks fleeing baitfish extremly well, and the rattles inside the bait give off the same vibrations as baitfish. Bass feel these vibrations along their lateral line and attack, most of the time, out of pure aggression. And when they slam the Super Spot, they'll almost pull the rod right out of your hands if you're not careful. So, buy a few and hold on!

Cotton Cordell Length Weight Class Hook Size
Super Spot 3" 1/2oz Sinking #4

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

14 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I caught a mixed bag of smallies & largies yesterday, 10 total. Used the lure right out of the box without changing the hooks & never lost a fish. I really dont know why everyone is so hung up about changing out the stock hooks.

From: Big J: Western, NY 9/6/2016

Comments: Great lipless crank, worth every penny. Hooks are surprisingly relatively sharp for such a cheap bait. Durability is awesome, I've cast these things straight down on rocks countless times and not one has more than a small ding or scratch... give em a try.

From: Aaron: GA 3/31/15

Comments: The best trap hands down! My go to bait for over 30yrs Countless tournament wins with the cc.

From: Larry: Middleboro, MA 12/6/14

Comments: This lure is a bargain. It flat out catches fish. It was around before all the $15.00 -$20.00 baits and is still around. Maybe the negative reviews are from elitist snobs that can't comprehend that a three dollar bait works as well as one five times as expensive. Yes, you need to change the hooks but what baits can you not say that about. And if you fish snaggy water or lakes with pike or musky, it doesn't hurt so bad if you lose one. Don't believe me though, buy a couple and find out for yourself. Also comes in suspending model. Great for shallow rip and stop retrieve.

From: Ken: Chicago, IL 4/26/14

Comments: This is my goto lipless crank when I'm fishing "Snaggy" ponds from the bank. They consistently catch fish and its doesn't hurt your wallet when you get snagged up and lose em. Chrome/Blue or Chrome/Black are always good fish producers

From: Jordan: RI 2/26/14

Comments: Caught a 13" brookie ripping it at the very end of the day on accident. It had the ENTIRE front treble in it's mouth. Amazing lure that deserves credit.

From: Chris: ME

Comments: i have used numerous other lipless baits, and i have to say it has more action/wobble than similar other baits, its priced great so i don't mind so much if i lose a couple to fish or snags.   i have great luck with the firetiger pattern for walleyes,northerns and bass

From: Kelly: lone rock, wi usa

Comments: Sick! and cheap! will cure the goose egg like no other.

Comments: two 1 pounders, a 2 pounder, 3 pounder, a 6 pound 4 ouncer, and to top it off with my personal best a 10 pound 1 ounce largemouth in 1 hour and 30 mins of fishing with this bait, this is a amazing bait get you one!

From: Ryan: Montgomery, Alabama

Comments: I've witnessed first hard that these things can go toe to toe with LC's that cost 4-5x more... Never underestimate the little guy

From: Carl: Goshen, IN

Comments: one of the BEST 'cheaper' traps you can scoop up. So scoop it. If I need to send a trap into dangerous territory, this one goes in before my more costly ones. It sinks like a rock so dont expect that cool flutter on the fall, but for chunkin and winding, here ya go. Change out those stock hooks, kids.

From: Meatwad: without a lip

Comments: Catches small and big fish, chrome/blue destroys them at Succes Lake. About paint chipping, well you need to bump rocks to trigger strikes and besides it will just turn into bone color which fish hit also. Another plus is the price if lost no big deal.

From: Johnny Bass J: Strathmore, CA

Comments: by far the best trap ive used. the price is wonnderful, these baits catch fish, espically in fall when they are schooling, pick you up a couple of these, they work great. only problem is that the paint chip really really easy, but it still catches fish anyhow

From: Nathan: GA, USA

Comments: Love these. Yes the hook need to be changed out but I leave the them on if I'm fishing new water I didn't learn yet.  Other day I was on unknown water and stuck in a log. Was able to bend out hooks with 20lb power pro tied with 12 flouro leader and got my bait back.  Caught dozens on bass with no paint chipping.  If there are pickerel in ur water they will smash the gold shiner along with bass.  Can replace hooks and still way cheaper than Red Eye shad. If ur new to lipless cranks start with the suspending or floating so you don't loose as many on the bottom or use an extra fast retrieve

From: Adam: Phila, PA

Comments: great lure dont eve listen to the people whos sayin theyy aint, been fishing these rattle baits fornyears as well as y entire family the one and only thing i can say is they do get banged up the paint starts to tear off but i fished them hard and the paint is still on them.. change hooks after a month of fishing then just sharpen the new ones u put on every so often. GREAT BAIT CAUGHT WELL OVER 1,000 BASS ON THESE

From: Jake: PA

Comments: good action catches me nice steelhead. Just hooks are HORRIBLE i set the hook on like a 14 inch steelhead and it bent the treble and i lost the fish):

Comments: These crank baits are terrible. they have absolutly no action. spend the extra 2 bucs for a red eye, they will catch you more fish.

From:  Sherwood, WI

Comments: just pay the extra 2 bucks and get a red eye shad

From: Kyler: TX

Comments: This is a very underrated bait and is dirt cheap.  Just swap out the hooks.

From: Lou: NJ

Comments: This is the ideal rattlebait when you need to fish shallow around brush, grass or rocks. This bait is larger for its weight than other similar rattlebaits and therefore sinks slower. Regarding the other comment about the paint, you can't get a better quality bait for $20.00 much less the $3 it costs. The paint holds up as good as any bait out there including lucky crafts, etc. Don't let the price fool you, this bait is as good as it gets in the shallows, it catches fish.

From: Michael: Nashville, TN

Comments: Good lipless crankbait that can be retrieved slowly and still pump out the vibration.  I changed out the stock hooks for sticky sharp hooks.

From: Ted: Blair, NE

Comments: Great lure, quality hooks and rattle. However, the paint starts to chip easily if run in the shallows.

From: Mark

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