Creme Lures Spoiler Swimbait 2" - $1.89

The Creme Spoiler Swimbaits from Creme Lures are the essence of simple effectiveness. Featuring a sharp hook molded into a lead head with a soft plastic body molded around the whole hook/head unit, this creates a simple, easy to use bait, and the soft plastic makes the tail kick actively, which will attract fish, and get bit. These baits are deadly for all kinds of gamefish, both freshwater and saltwater, and are heavy enough to cast a long way and swim deep. The Creme Spoiler Swimbaits are priced quite reasonably, and are tough enough stay together fish after fish. With the hook situated on top of the head, you are also less likely to hang them up on the bottom, which means you can really dredge the deep structure looking for lunkers. However you choose to fish the Creme Spoiler Swimbiats, their realistic looks and swimming action will get bit.

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Creme Lures Spoiler Swimbait 2

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Comments: i got this lure for the surf for surf perch has no action and it runs side ways hey but you get what you paid for since it had noa ction i cut the tail of and super glued hald of a curly tail grub man it is killer they should make one with a curly tail

From: Brian: socal

Comments: Worlds best crappie lure ever

From: Trevor

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