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Culprit Blades Braid Sheers - $6.49

Cutting braid with standard scissors or other cutting implements not designed for the task is usually a losing proposition. But don’t worry, the Culprit Blades Braid Sheers can easily and safely cut braided fishing lines as close to 1/8 of an inch from the knot. Featuring comfort fit handles that work for right or left handed anglers, these lightweight scissors cut braided line that other scissors can’t - including Dyneema, Spectra, and Kevlar lines. Their stainless steel blades resist water corrosion, and each pair of Culprit Blades Braid Sheers also features a notched blade for cutting mono and a convenient lanyard.

Comments: been using these sheers for years still sharp. very good for the money

From: Mike: Disputante, VA

Comments: Not bad for the money..2nd season using them and still cutting strong.

From: J.D.: VA

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Culprit Blades Braid Sheers

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Culprit Blades Braid Sheers $6.49 5+

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