Custom Cast Lures "The Closer" Shakey Head 10pk

The C to C Bait Co. "The Closer" Shakey Head is one of the most innovative shaky heads on the market. Incorporating a custom-made light-wire Gamakatsu hook and steel coil keeper, the C to C Bait Co. "The Closer" Shakey Head provides the perfect line-of-pull. The Closer’s unique head design also allows it to stand upright, presenting finesse worms and craws in a more enticing manner. Available in several sizes to fit any fishing conditions, when money is on the line, make sure to send in “The Closer”.

2 Colors

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    Model No. CSH18-11
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    Model No. CSH18-12
    Green Pumpkin
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Customer Reviews

Comments: The only shaky head to throw if you use slender finesse worms, literally find myself reaching for the needle nose on 90% of the fish I catch, the hook bites and doesn't let go. Once you try to remove this hook you will realize why losing fish is no longer a worry. Great design, you won't be disappointed.

From: Clay: Clinton,IL,U.S.

Comments: Went threw probally 20 different shakey heads looking for the one and once i tried this one I haven't tried anything else. By far the best hook up ratio I ever ever had with shakey head. Works on all kinds of soft plastics even some the most shakey heads wont stand up.

From: Tyler: Campobello SC

Comments: this jig head is the real deal just got back from sturgeon bay never lost a fish and comes through the rocks better any other shaky head iI have ever used caught over 80 smallmouth on this with a paca craw outstanding

From: Rich: Oak Forest Il

Comments: All other shaky heads are obsolete! Once they're hooked, its all over. This head has everything that is necessary in a shaky head, screw lock, flat head so the bait stands up and one mean gamakatsu hook!

From: Dale: Pittsgrove, NJ

Comments: Best Shaky Head I've ever used. I've always liked that style of Gamakatsu hook. It sticks them good. The worm stands straight up.

From: Gary Dobyns, Yuba City, CA

Comments: This is the best shaky head that I've used, the worm stands up, screw lock keeps the bait in place and once you hook a fish, it doesn't come off

From: Dave: Jasper, AL

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