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Daiichi Seiko Finger Saver - $8.99

A must-have when tying super-strong, super-thin braid, the Daiichi Seiko Finger Saver is a ring that fits over your finger and allows you to cinch down knots without damaging your digits. Also, the Daiichi Seiko Finger Saver is built with a soft rubber core that won’t damage line, even when you’re buttoning down a knot. To use the Daichi Seiko Finger Saver simply wrap your line once-or-twice around the ring and pull it tight until your knot is fully cinched. Protect your fingers and ensure a better knot with the Daiichi Seiko Finger Saver.  

Comments: Great product to have for tying knots in braid or any kind of line really. It saves your skin from being cut and your knots will be nice and tight. I have two of them in the large size and I wear them just like rings when I am fishing because it's easy to get to when I need them. These things are built with quality and should last for a very long time.

From: Louie: GA 5/1/14

Comments: I ordered the LARGE finger saver and it is actually marked size 25 (Japanese size). This is the same size as size 11 in the USA. I have average sized hands and it will only go up to the second joint of my index or middle finger (which is fine). I have no idea the size of the Medium listed, but it must be much smaller for tiny or women's hands. While the photo shows a thick convex rubber inner portion, it is actually concave which is what it should be. And, it works PERFECT. A "must have" if knotting braid. Only bought one to try the size, and will order another one on my next order for the other hand. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

From: James: McNulty, CA 3/19/14

Comments: I've been using one for about two years now and can't say enough good about it. Slide it like a ring onto your finger and wrap the braid around it to save your skin. Ultra tight knots and no more cuts. It should last a lifetime.

From: Unknown: USA 2/25/14

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Daiichi Seiko Finger Saver

3 Available Colors

  • Blue
    Size Stock Qty
    MD 5+
    LG 5+
  • Red
    Size Stock Qty
    MD Yes
    LG Yes
  • Silver
    Size Stock Qty
    MD 5+
    LG 5+

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