Daiwa went ballistic with the features and performance they packed into the lightweight Ballistic Spinning Reel. Its Zaion Carbon Body and Side Cover offer lightweight strength and resistance to flexing that rivals that of Magnesium - but Zaion material doesn’t corrode. This means you can use the Daiwa Ballistic Spinning Reel in both saltwater and freshwater environments, and its smooth Waterproof  Drag System provides additional protection, and further helps you target fish in a range of environments. Daiwa's Digigear - Digital Gearing also helps optimize speed, power and durability, while an eight bearing system (4CRBB, 3BB+1RB) ensures fluid casts and retrieves for years to come. An excellent choice for a variety of finesse applications, the Ballistic's Protrusion Free Air Bail, forged Aluminum Spool and Twist Buster system all combine to offer excellent line management for lighter lines and even braid. Go ballistic with the Daiwa Ballistic Spinning Reel.

Additional Features:

-Felt Oil Sealed
-Forged Aluminum Spool
-Infinite Anti-Reverse
-Aluminum Handle Arm
-T-Shaped Knob

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought this as a replacement to my CI4... I did try the CI4+ but to find out that there the same reels... Thats my opinion... First time out this weekend i went snook fishing and now after reeling in a 15 LB snook from the waters of Boca grande which has a very strong current, i can honsetly say this reel is a beast... Smooth, light, and the drag is awesome, also i can now say that i now what everyone is talking about with the flex from the CI4... Love Daiwa reels..


Comments: I have been a shimano guy for almost 20 years. I don't even know how many that I own but I picked up 2 of these ballistics due to the fact that shimano is really starting to go to crap by cutting corners on some of their newer reels and I will honestly say that these ballistics are much better than any of my stradics. I will stick to daiwa from here on out

From: Mike: Clayton,NY

Comments:  my stradic ci4 doesn't compare to this at all other then the drag, ci4 is lighter but the ballistic feels much more smooth and powerful under heavy load were the ci4 doesn't come close in this department. the ballistic is just as nice as my sustain mg. and I am completely shocked that anyone could say the ci4 is better.

From: Tyler: Canada

Comments: I have had this reel, the 2000 size, since the summer of 2012, and I can not find anything bad to say about it. I fish at least once a week normally more often than that, and this reel has been great paired with a G Loomis shakeyhead rod. It has a smooth feel, plenty good enough drag and can work either shakey heads or moving baits with no issues. The reel looks just fine and works even better. I have no complains at all.

From: Ron: GA

Comments: top notch daiwa reel, enough said

From: Ralf: South Florida

Comments: got the 2000 size ballistic to go on my legend tournament walleye series 7' mlf, been great so far, very smooth, strong and smooth drag, not as light as my 2000 fuegos but its not heavy either. one nice feature is that the fuego spools will fit this, so while it doesnt come with a spare spool, if you havea fuego around you should have 1 that fits. ony dislike is that its not a "direct drive" handle, it has the post that goes through the reel and screws in with the cap on the other side, otherwise im very happy with the reel so far!

From: Tyler: WI

Comments: Very good reel, was surprised at how good it is for the price, I own a sustain 5000FG was looking for similar from daiwa... Was looking at the certate but didnt have the line capacity, this was the next step... i also own the daiwa TDA and this is an upgrade no question. This is easily on par with the shimano sustain 5000fg if not better. The drag on my ballistic 4000 seems a bit under rated it feels stronger than my sustain 5000fg. After using this reel i can see why the diawa video has the 4000 listed for light offshore duty

From: Terry: Freeport, TX

Comments: Anyone who thinks a Fuego is as good as this reel has not used this reel. This reel is great. Way better than expected. Get the 3000 size for bass fishing. The spool diameter is the right size and the weight is barely any difference from the 2500.

From: Mike: VA

Comments: The older Advantage made in Japan was alot refiner.  this Ballistic wad much heavier than fuego, spin is harsher than advantage, let alone fuego or certate or steez.  No sealed design make it about the same as exceler or overpeiced aird.  I agree with the other person here, the weird 4 shades of black make it looks like low quality hand paint job or counterfeit stuff

From: Aaron: Houston, TX

Comments: Anyone who thinks a Fuego is better than this reel has not used this reel. I fish with Steez spinning reels and i bought my son one of these. This is a great reel. Im going to get more.

From: Mike:

Comments: Was thoroughly impressed w/ the smoothness of the retrieve, like butter.  Balances beautifully with the Ballistic rod.  Does not look or feel cheap at all.

From: Dominic: Fort Myers, FL

Comments: Far from Ballistic Surf level of quality.  Spin no smooth at all.  Bought 2, the graphite color not even the same, cheap China made hand spray product.  Fuego was a lot better.

From: Jason: Frisco, TX

Comments: For its price range, its a really nice real.  Don't expect it to be as refined as higher priced reels like a Certate or even a Fuego.
Comparing it to reels in the same price range, this is a great reel.

From: Milt: SF, CA

Comments: Made in China, no spare spool, spin not smooth at all

From: Mark: Dallas, TX

Comments: very good spinning reels

From: Fadzli: Malaysia

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