Damiki DC- Series Crankbaits

The DC-Series Crankbaits from Damiki are an excellent finesse style crankbait to target shallow and mid range depths. The DC Crankbait features an exclusive weight slip design to increase casting distance and keep the crankbait in the strike zone longer. The Damiki DC- Series Crankbait also features a balancing weight in the belly to stabilize the bait and keep it from tumbling on the cast. The DC-100 series was designed to be fished in shallow water in the three to four foot depth range around light to heavy cover. The DC-200 is a mid water crankbait designed to be fished in the six to seven foot depth range and is ideal for fishing shallow cover that the DC-100 may miss.

 Damiki Length Weight Class Depth
DC Series 100 2" 7/16oz Slow Floating 3-4ft
DC Series 200 2" 1/2oz Slow Floating 6-7ft
DC Series 300 2-1/8" 1/2oz Slow Floating 12-15ft 
DC Series 400 2-3/4" 1oz Slow Floating 16-18ft

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Tackle Tour Editor's Choice Award
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Bryan Thrift threw the Damiki DC-100 (real shad) on the 7' medium Damiki Dark Angel rod in route to his first FLW Tour win at Lake Norman.
"I've been throwing with this rod for 2 years and it's hands-down the best crankbait rod I've ever touched. It has the perfect action - a little bit of a soft tip, but a lot of backbone. You can feel everything the crank's doing."

8 Colors

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    Model No. DC-100-AYU
    Size Stock Qty
    100 3
    200 5+
    300 5+
    400 3
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    Model No. DC-200-034
    Blue Gill
    Size Stock Qty
    200 3
    300 5
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    Model No. DC-200-035
    Chart Black
    Size Stock Qty
    200 5+
    300 5+
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    Model No. DC-200-036
    Fire Craw
    Size Stock Qty
    200 Out
    300 3
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    Model No. DC-100-014
    Real Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    100 1
    200 5
    300 10+
    400 Out
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    Model No. DC-100-RC
    Red Craw
    Size Stock Qty
    100 5+
    200 4
    300 5+
    400 5+
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    Model No. DC-100-SHAD
    Size Stock Qty
    100 5+
    200 5+
    300 5+
    400 5+
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    Model No. DC-200-038
    Threadfin Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    200 5+
    300 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Justin, I want to say thank you for your support and if you have any problems with our products, please feel to contact us.  We do stand behind our products and would like to take care of our customers.

From: Damiki Fishing Tackle: Brea, CA 7/30/15

Comments: SUCH A GOOD PLUG! All of them catch fish when other similiar plugs won't. It hunts, gets down where they live.  I even catch suspended fish throwing a 300 in 15ft. Downside is the paint sucks bad. Even worse, the cracking on the seam. I buy 5 at a time and go through at least 2 a week. Wish they would work on their quality control.

From: Justin: TX 6/10/15

Comments: These are a great crankbait. Damiki has an obvious problem closing the gap where the line tie/hook eye enters. This is a problem with all of their baits, in retaining water. Also, they use the worst hooks I have ever found on a crankbait (not kidding). If you can manage to problem solve those two issues the DC-200 is a serious tourney level bait. Casts a mile, dives quickly into the strikezone.

From: Nate: WA

Comments: Great bait gfor smallmouth, BUT, have had 2 of them fill with water causing it to sink just from regular use, even before any fish were caught.

From: Dan: Canada

Comments: Great little bait. The bait casts like a rock. It dives quickly and just as deep as advertised. Its got good action for how compact the body is. The hooks are way too small, I did not hesitate to replace them with 2 sizes larger. When you are grinding this bait one the bottom make sure you are paying attention because it doesn't back out of cover as well as a lot of baits. I think due to buoyancy. Overall very happy with bait and price.

From: Nate: Pasco

Comments: just got these 2 of them last week(sun fish/ red craw) because they were cute?. I went fishing with it and i caught 5 large mouth bass in 3 hours just today. I normally catch like 3~4 bass in one day. Iwas so impressed about this cranbait. (I'm korean staying in michigan but didn't know this was korean product ( thought it was japanese company, when i bought it haha so proud of my country product!)
tackle warehouse should also get DC50!

From: Ki-eung: Novi, MI

Comments: just got two of the 200 series baits in the blue craw color.... crushed two 3.78 pound smallies on back to back casts... fished it for about 3 hours till i lost it to a hungry rock! One of the best cranks out... but fish it slow and steady..... no problems with paint ot chipping. I recommend it highly!

From: Kris: Durango, CO

Comments: I fish for a living, on three circuits and in 2011, I checked out in 22 of 26 events and every tournament I weighed in at least one fish from one of the Damiki DC series crankbaits.  Yes it may need tuning and paint chips on everything that is plastic, but when you need to catch a fish the action and the reliability to put fish in the boat this series of crankbaits are second to none.  They are a little pricey but if you are making money throwing one they are going to be the bonus you need every outing.

From: J: GA

Comments: This bait will catch fish but they are very finicky as far as the way they run. The paint schemes look awesome but the quality of the paint jobs are horrible. The paint will peel off in a matter of  few hours on the shad color. Even faster if your catching fish. Be ready to send these to your crankbait painter after the first outing!!

From: Mac: Lynchburg, VA

Comments: I would warn anyone thinking of buying this bait to do so with caution.  I received the DC-100 as a birthday gift last year and had very high hopes for it.  The bait is very unique as it is much smaller and "egg"shaped when compared to other cranks. However, the DC-100 ran like total crap out of the box.  It wasn't tuned in the slightest bit.  I casted it out and it ran in complete circles basically.  A friend has the DC-200 has caught a couple fish using it, but for the price you'd bet better suited but a Little John.  If you are considering buying this lure, get it from a store instead of online; that way you can check the line tie to see if it's bent out of shape.  Bottom line is if i buy a lure i expect it to run true right out of the box, and the DC-100 wasn't even close.

From: Matt: North Haven, CT

Comments:  Bought 4 of these in the Black Friday sale.  Already had a couple so knew what incredible action they have.  Colors are outrageous.

From: Patrick: Kansas City, MO

Comments: I was disappointed when i first tied this bait on at just how off the bait was "tuned". I had to really work the line tie to get it to swim straight. This bait has an intense wobble that you can really feel in the rod, and you have to retrieve it at a slow pace to keep it from rolling. The finish is great, and the size is small and compact. Casts a mile.

Comments: Great crankbait. Pulled a few keeper smallmouth on the Ayu color here in the Missouri Ozarks before hanging it up on a stump.

From: Paul: Waynesville, MO

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