Damiki D Pop 70 - $8.99

The Damiki D-Pop 70 is a well-crafted popper style bait that can also produce a tremendous walk-the-dog action. It sits in the water at a 45-degree when at rest, and can almost walk-the-dog in place if desired to prolong your time in the strike zone. A favorite of FLW Tour pro and 2010 FLW AOY, Brian Thrift, it causes a commotion in the water that smallmouth and largemouth have trouble resisting, and its action can be easily changed and manipulated by the angler. Available in a variety of colors, the Damiki D-Pop 70 features an unbeatable finish and two super sharp treble hooks, including a feathered tail hook.

Damiki Length Weight Class
D Pop 70 2.8" 3/8oz Topwater 

 Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

Comments: This is a great little popper, the perfect size IMO. It does it all, from a subtle little "bloop" to a full on "PLOP". Sticky sharp hooks too.

From: Dave: Upperco, MD USA

Comments:  I got this bait for clear water reservoirs busting/schooling finicky bass feeding on shad.  The bass I was fishing for would not touch my vixen, lobino, or LC sammy.  This bait worked, and fooled a lot of bass when the bite was tough(also used 10-12lb mono). 

From: Kerry: Southern CA

Comments: Worked great for Smallies up in Maine

From: Paul: NY

Comments: I've used a lot of poppers, have a lot of poppers but this is the only one I throw, black holo is my go to color

Comments: Great popper style lure.  Great hooks, great colors, and catches fish when my $20 lobina won't.

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

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Black Holo
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Damiki D Pop 70

6 Available Colors

  • Black Holo
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  • Holo Bluegill
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  • Phantom
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  • Real Shad
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  • Spayu
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  • White
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