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The Damiki D-Pop 70 is a well-crafted popper style bait that can also produce a tremendous walk-the-dog action. It sits in the water at a 45-degree when at rest, and can almost walk-the-dog in place if desired to prolong your time in the strike zone. A favorite of FLW Tour pro and 2010 FLW AOY, Brian Thrift, it causes a commotion in the water that smallmouth and largemouth have trouble resisting, and its action can be easily changed and manipulated by the angler. Available in a variety of colors, the Damiki D-Pop 70 features an unbeatable finish and two super sharp treble hooks, including a feathered tail hook.

Damiki Length Weight Class
D Pop 70 2.8" 3/8oz Topwater 

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Damiki D Pop 70

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  • Black Holo
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  • Holo Bluegill
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  • Phantom
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  • Real Shad
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  • Spayu
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  • White
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Comments: This is my favorite popper. I have both black holo and white. Black holo works the best of the two so far. I've caught bass off these on every trip to the lake this summer. The paints holds up ok. My only problem is that the hooks aren't sticky sharp but a nail file took care of that.

From: John: Clovis, CA 7/15/14

Comments: Ordered two of these, hoping that they could be cheaper alternatives to the Megabass Pop X that I lost on a previous fishing trip. Upon initial inspection, I noticed that the hooks aren't the best quality. Fresh out of the box, one of the front trebles had a point that was "rolled over" (I hope that makes sense). Because the tip of the hook was blunted, I touched it up on small sharpening stone, and realized that the hooks are plated with something...because the coating immediately started to flake off. The second one had a treble that needed a touch-up as well. I do like the action, and they make a variety of noises depending on the retrieve. Haven't caught a fish on them yet though after three trips. To sum up though, they seem okay with the exception of the hooks.

From: Cheng: Worecester, MA 5/27/14

Comments: This is a great little popper, the perfect size IMO. It does it all, from a subtle little "bloop" to a full on "PLOP". Sticky sharp hooks too.

From: Dave: Upperco, MD USA

Comments:  I got this bait for clear water reservoirs busting/schooling finicky bass feeding on shad.  The bass I was fishing for would not touch my vixen, lobino, or LC sammy.  This bait worked, and fooled a lot of bass when the bite was tough(also used 10-12lb mono). 

From: Kerry: Southern CA

Comments: Worked great for Smallies up in Maine

From: Paul: NY

Comments: I've used a lot of poppers, have a lot of poppers but this is the only one I throw, black holo is my go to color

Comments: Great popper style lure.  Great hooks, great colors, and catches fish when my $20 lobina won't.

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

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