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Damiki Hydra - $4.99

The Damiki Hydra features twenty-four ball-tipped tentacles. The balls at the end of each appendage allow the Hydra's tentacles to float up and fan out, moving with the current and giving the Hydra a more life-like appearance and a larger profile. The body of the Hydra is perfect for a variety or rigging applications. Deadly Texas-rigged, used as a jig trailer, etc., the Hydra is an innovative bait, new to the US from Damiki of Korea.

Length Quantity
3" 10
4" 8

Comments: Go on youtube and look at these in the water. This is like no other tube bait you have EVER used. The tentacles is what draws the bass to strike.  You can clearly say, this is a bait with balls!

From: Kerry: Missouri, USA

Comments: This is a very nice, subtle bait.  But in using it you must count on using mend it, or some sort of glue to hold your hook in place from the get go or you will burn a bag on 10 hooksets-bait is EXTRA SOFT.  Think even softer and more tearable than a senko. I wish the body plastic was slightly more firm. 

From: Bill: NH

Comments: Fantastic shallow water flipping bait. I don't know if I like this or the Ika more. The Hydra falls slower so I think I prefer it more for a tough bite.

From: Chris: Fallbrook , California

Comments: This was my first product from Damiki. After running these for a few days now, all I can say is this will not be my last! I had no idea what to expect when I placed the order for these. I got the Green Pumpkin Brown color. Over all length on the description said 3", so I knew it wasn't going to be a large bait. After receiving them, the body is about 1.5 inches long and about 1/2 inch wide at the head. Body of these are solid and very very soft. The tails take up the remaining 1.5 inch of the overall length. Keep in mind the color is listed as Green Pumpkin Black, but it's closer to a greenish brown. I knew these were going to be a challenge to find a good rigging option. I only had a few options in my terminal tackle box. I had my mind set on running them like a tube bait. Next to jigs, I fish tubes about 90% of the year. I've never been happy with the action of the skirt on a tube for winter use. That's when I switch up to jigs. But after reading that the bait has 24 ball tipped tentacles, I knew this was going to be exciting to watch the action of these. My first rig was a standard 1/4 oz brown jig head. This worked really well. The 1/4 oz weight made the fall perfect. Not to fast or to slow. Perfect for making a straight nose down fall. Next rig was the way I rig most of my tubes. I used a 1/4 oz internal tube weight and EWG hook. I wanted a weedless way to rig these. The body is soft enough so I slowly stuck the internal tube weight into the body from the bottom all the way to the head. I had to use a 1/0 hook. A 2/0 worked but was too close to the end for me. 1/0 worked very well. Last way I rigged these is probably the best way to rig these if you want the bait to last. I use a 1/4 oz internal tube jig head. I hooked it down the nose and buried it inside the head with only the eye exposed. The body is soft and resilient enough to do this. The lead portion of the hook is long enough that the body doesn't take the beating like with using an EGW hook. It's not weedless, but makes the bait last through many fish. I can't say enough about the tail on these baits. When testing it in my tank, the tail continued to float and move even after the bait came to a rest on the bottom. The slightest bit of movement and it danced to life again! I have found nothing like these on the market! All other companies need to take a look. Damiki did their homework on these baits. Give the Hydra a shot, you won't be disappointed!!!!

From: Richard: Oklahoma

Comments: People say this bait is too soft but I rather have a soft bait that penetrates the hook easier rather then losing a fish to hard plastic.  This Hydra has been a money winner for me and if it means 1 fish 1 bait so be it.  As long as I catch fish on it. 

From: Rich: AL

Comments: waste of money.  Sure it catches fish but name me a lure that doesnt.... Rips way tooo easy like everybody is saying.  Even mend does not work too well.  Great concept but horrible plastic.  Money better spent elsewhere. 1 bite per lure.  Hopefully is a big fish not a small fish and u get a hook up.

From: sir calvin

Comments: Caught the biggest bass I've hooked in 5+ yrs with this lure. It is very soft though, too soft I think. 1 fish per lure.

From: Joe: Bridgeport, IL

Comments: this bait just got me in the money,2nd tournament of the year,it gets bit,very soft though,i did add scent to the bag,maybe that did it,1 fish per bait.

From: Rick: Johnstown, OH

Comments: Was skeptical to buy these at 1st but, saw them at a fishin show, and got a good deal on em, so I picked up a few bags....They are soft, but I managed to make one last most of the day....Got a ton of hits and caught a few on the 4" June-bug color....They have great action and can be rigged several different ways...I can see where people would think they are not durable, they are super soft and flimsy but worth the money! They also make a decent trailer on a stand-up jig or a swim-jig...Great for high pressured fishin areas! Love em!

From: Shark: Where Blue Angels Fly, MD

Comments: Very soft with great action. Just not durable enough. Tear very easy.  You will go thru a package in no time.

From: Don: OKC

Comments: Tried a pack of these today in Junebug 3in. They got me a couple bass, and they didnt get all torn up. I'm impressed with  the action, I bet the 4inch wiggles around even more. I'm not sure how other folks were rigging it but I just tossed it on a worm set up, 1/8 bullet weight 2/0 hook, texas rigged it and the hook was big enough to come between the tentacles and tuck neatly into the body. So no unnecessary tearing from rigging. Tossed out it out and treated it like a worm hopping it on the bottom, bass kept attacking it. Will buy more.

From: Abhi: Somerset, NJ

Comments: good looking swimbaits, wish they came in 8-9 in

Comments: Really like this bait in the 3" size. I use it rigged on a stand up jig with the spring screw type attachment and seem to get a couple fish per bait before biting off a 1/4" and re-rigging for a few more.  I also use super glue which makes each one last longer. Only used the green pumpkin because it kept working. It was very effective in weeds for large mouth and hopping down drop-offs for small mouth all on Canadian shield lakes.

From: James: PA

Comments: Biggest problem is that they rip apart easy.  Caught many at Havasu this spring on beds but only about 2 per lure.  Damiki makes great lures but these just don't last.  I tried many types of hooks but still rip easy.

From: Shawn: Orange, CA

Comments: Durability a Major issue. The bass did nail it and I will most likely buy more but I was averaging 1 bait to 1 bass in the boat.

From: Adam: Ontario, Canada

Comments: ive fished it on a spot remover hook the baits work well but they don't last long at all.

From: Adam: Nashville, AR

Comments: Looks great in the water. I have had some issues with finding an ideal rig for it. Very similar to a tube but a little more versatile.
Still on the fence about this bait and I find myself going back to grubs. Worth getting a pack but I can't say if it out performs other grubs.

From: Nathan: Kingston, Ontario

Comments: not durable at all

From:  Derek: Waco, TX

Comments: Awesome bait.  I love to use it on a shakey head hook.  The tentacles float and wiggle around even when the bait is sitting still.  Great bait for bedding bass.  Great bait to swim.  Great bait to do just about anything.  Very highly recommended!

From: Joe: Vineland, NJ

Comments: this bait is one the best plastic bait ever made but wish it came in watermelon red-blk with red tentacles but fixed by buying both your color and red and cutting the red tentacle of and meating them onto your fave colors if you use my tip your fish catching rate will double good fishing

From: Shawn: Ontario, Canada

Comments: this is the best flipping/pitching bait on the market, bar none! pick your size and color, use your favorite rig and toss this amazing bait into the tules and weeds. it is a bass catcher. the stand-up jigheads in 4/0 to 5/0 work perfectly or texas rigged with a pegged or screw-in bullet wt. is also great--

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: This bait flat out catches fish.  It can be used in many different applications: flipping, pitching, dragging, just to name a few.  I've experimented with a number of techniques and the hydra excels at all of them.  On the fall that bait can tantalize even the most finicky fish into biting.  Durability can be an issue but it is definitely outweighed by its fish catching ability.

From: Destin: Erie, PA

Comments: Bait has great action and catches fish. Only complaint is that it is not durable , but ability to catch fish overcomes that downfall! Worth trying!

From: Bill: Germantown, TN

***Note: If you have questions about this product or need assistance with an order please email your questions to info@tacklewarehouse.com

Baby Bass
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Damiki Hydra

13 Available Colors

  • Baby Bass
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 5+
    4" 2
  • Black Mixed Flake
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 4
    4" 5+
  • Black/Blue
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 3
    4" 5+
  • Cherry Red
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 5+
    4" 1
  • Green Pumpkin Black
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 5+
    4" 5+
  • Junebug
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 5+
    4" 5+
  • Original Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 5+
    4" 5+
  • Pearl White
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 5+
    4" 5+
  • Smoke Black
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 1
    4" 5+
  • Smoke Black Silver
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 5+
    4" 5+
  • Watermelon Black
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 5+
    4" 5+
  • Watermelon Candy
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 5+
    4" 09/15
  • Watermelon Red-Blk
    Size Stock Qty
    3" 5+
    4" 5+

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