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Comments: This is an awesome craw for flipping or a C rig. The craw is soft which gives it a lot of action & it has a great large profile for a craw. Downside the craw is soft so it will only last around 3 fish before you need to put another one on. My go to color is Black with Blue Flake and I fish this in timber Texas Rigged with a Trokar Big Nasty 4/0 Flippin Hook with a Tungsten 1/8 weight. 

From: Yaknstein: Hickory, NC 3/21/16

Comments: One of my all time favorite baits to flip and punch with. I had multiple occasions when I was throwing a Beaver and couldn't get bit. I threw on the Knock out after and immediately started to catch fish. I think the softness of the bait itself helps. I'm a huge fan of Damiki and noticed that one of the comment said that he purchased the Knock out in 2012 but from what I can remember the, the Knock out didn't come out till 2013. It would be smart to get the facts straight before claiming something that's not true.

From: James: San Diego, CA 2/8/16

Comments:  Might be the most disappointing piece of plastic I've ever sent money on. Bought a couple packs two years ago and just threw the remaining 6 baits away. I'm pretty sure I caught one on it at some point, but I sure haven't caught many.
Got to be where I just stopped putting one on, and since they were occupying space in the trailer box, that would be better devoted to something that works and I'll actually use, they are gone.

From: Rich: Monroe, CT 9/8/14

Comments: I like to fish creature baits, such as the Flappin Hog II, on shaky heads and as jig trailers.  The kind of bait I'm looking for is a "jiggly" bait with lots of appendages and wiggly bits.  This bait fits the bill and has an action I like.  A couple of my concerns with the Knock out are that body is full of tooling defects, the plastic is very stiff and has little to no elasticity meaning that despite its stiffness it has poor durability.

From: Darren: IA 6/6/14

Comments: I have become a fan of Damiki soft plastics and have had good success with all of the baits I have tried so far. The Knock Out has not disappointed and has helped me land the biggest large and to my surprise, smallmouth bass that I have ever caught. The black red on a black jig for the large mouth and the green pumpkin black on a spring lock  weighted swim bait hook for the smallie. Love these baits except that as with most of their soft plastics, one maybe two fish per bait.

P.S. Thanks Tackle Warehouse for your great selection and ongoing superior customer service. In my opinion you have become the best online retailer I have ever purchased from. 

From: Charles: VA

Comments: Great action as a jig trailer as well as t-rigging. Does not overly cover the hooks gap compared to using other THICK trailers. Sits and moves with little to no rod movement. Probably a good bait for them flippers and picher fishermen. Great colors and reasonable price.

From: Alex

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