Damiki Neko Sinker - $2.99

The Damiki Neko Sinker works great when "wacky rigging" your soft plastic baits. The Neko screw head firmly anchors the soft plastic, allowing you to modify your baits action. By inserting the Neko Sinker into the tail, nose or both ends of your soft plastic bait, you can illicit your desired action. The Damiki Neko sinker is a quick solution to modifying your soft baits as the fish and conditions dictate.

1/16, 1/8 - 10 per pack
3/16 - 7 per pack
5/16 - 5 per pack

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Damiki Neko Sinker

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Damiki Neko Sinker 1/16 $2.99
Damiki Neko Sinker 1/8 $2.99
Damiki Neko Sinker 3/16 $2.99
Damiki Neko Sinker 5/16 $2.99

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Comments: works great! when I inserted this sinker into worm's head. it holds fine and works well. only problem with this is that the length is little bit longer than I expected. Great stuff

From: Kieung: MI

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