Damiki Rambler 120

Damiki Rambler 120

If you’re a topwater enthusiast, then you’re going to love the Damiki Rambler 120Perfect for the professional or the novice, the Damiki Rambler 120 has an  extra-wide walking action that causes it to almost complete a full 180-degree turn with each twitch. Built with four glass beads and a steel knocker, the Damiki Rambler 120 emits a distinct rattling sound as it moves over the water’s surface. Finished with three super-sharp treble hooks, including a feathered trailer hook, the Damiki Rambler 120 is a topwater angler’s dream come true. 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: First day using this bait I landed two 4lbers, but missed one as well. The bait has an awesome twitch to it & I love the way it splashes water from side to side when you walk it hard. Only downfall I have seen so far is that sometimes the middle & rear treble hooks will tangle & cause the bait to run weird. All in all my favorite walking bait hands down! Great action!


Comments: Hands down best top water lure available. 10x better than a vixen & paycheck repo baits by far. Paint jobs hold up better, their louder & their only 12$. Best kept secret.

From: David: Barkley, TX 12/17/15

Comments: This Damiki Rambler 120 has got my attention. What I particularly like about it is how well it works with varied retrieves. I can work it hard with sharp twitches, tossing water and making a commotion, or really slowly with gentle pulls for a more tantalizing action. Either way, it walks beautifully. It's also quite good in choppy water, something a lot of walkers can't handle at all. It makes a hellava racket with the two kinds of internal rattles. I'm not sure if that's a useful feature or not. But if you favor noisy baits, you can hear this baby 100' away. 

From: Ted: USA 8/18/15

Comments: Good walking lure that makes a lot of noise and throws a lot of water. I've found that adding a split ring kills the action and makes it harder to walk.

From: Cameron: Newport News, Va

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