Danielson Egg Sinkers - $1.19

Molded from high quality lead, the Danielson Egg Sinkers allow your line to slip freely through the center hole, providing maximum sensitivity and feel at the hook point.  A great choice for Carolina-rigs and other bottom fishing techniques, the egg shape of these sinkers also allows them to slide through weeds and over rocks with fewer snags. Danielson - Delivering Quality Fishing Tackle since 1943.

1oz - 2pk
3/4oz - 3pk
1/2oz - 5pk
1/4oz - 7pk

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Danielson Egg Sinkers

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Danielson Egg Sinkers 1 oz 2pk $1.19
Danielson Egg Sinkers 3/4 3pk $1.19
Danielson Egg Sinkers 1/2 5pk $1.19
Danielson Egg Sinkers 1/4 7pk $1.19

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