Danielson Rubber Bobber Stops 10pk - $1.59

The Danielson Rubber Bobber Stops are ideal for punch rigs, slip floats and adjustable sinker rigs. Easy-to-use, simply run the line through the wire loop and pull the stop onto your line. The Danielson Rubber Bobber Stops’ soft rubber construction ensure they grip your line securely without crimping or causing damage, and their egg shape design also allows them to cast easily through standard rod guides, and even wind onto your reel without interference. Danielson - Delivering Quality Fishing Tackle since 1943.

10 per pack

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Danielson Rubber Bobber Stops 10pk

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Danielson Rubber Bobber Stops 4-8lbs $1.59
Danielson Rubber Bobber Stops 8-12lbs $1.59

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Comments: These are great stops, especially for the price. The 8-12lbs fit perfectly on my 65lb power pro slick braid. No issues what so ever when I've had to punch through water chestnut mats or thick milfoil. I will buy these again. 

From: Steve: Hudson Valley, NY 8/30/14

Comments: If you're looking to use these on anything larger than 17lb test definitely get the 8-12 lbs sized pegs and not the 4-8lb. I bought the 8-12 thinking I would get a tighter fit and be able to force them onto 25lb floro. Unfortunately, every single wire snapped as I was trying to get it on.

From: Kevin: Madison, WI 5/16/14

Comments: these stops are great I have tried other brands in the past but I keep coming back to the danielson stops. They hold extremely well both on floro and on braid. Give these a try and you won't be disappointed.

From: Tommy: Chicago

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