Representing the next phase in swimbait engineering, the Decoy Hydra Tail Swimbaits are the result of decades of research, design and aquatic biology. Featuring wickedly vivid colors, textures and anatomically correct body movements, these prey-species copies are proven to fool giant bass and other aquatic predators.

Seen from beneath the surface, live prey-fish swim by paddling their tail in subtle side-to-side thrusts. The Hydra Tail Swimbait does just that. While its tail does the real motion work, its head and front three quarters move through the water like an arrow - straight and streamlined ahead. Master swimbait designer Jason Scott learned this lesson long ago, crafting mutiple historic baits that have scored some of the heaviest bass ever recorded.  Available in multiple patterns, the Decoy Hydra Tail Swimbait is a super realistic rendition of a large-sized, super calorie rich meal - a high reward, low energy food risk that big bass have trouble passing up.

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Hydra Tail 5" 1-oz Slow Sink

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Comments: Great swimbait for people who don't have dedicated swimbait gear to throw some of the larger baits like a Hudd. I throw this in the spring and fall on my flipping stick with 17lb mono. I always add a size 2 or 1 treble to the bottom it helps greatly with hook ups

From: Adam: USA 3/27/15

Comments: Fished this bait until it was shredded to pieces,caught piles of fish on it, you just need REALLY clear water, then it will smoke them. I caught about 20 2lbs&under and lost a giant in one afternoon, rig it with a stinger treble on the bottom because a lot of the times they will just bite it from the belly and never get the jig hook. Very durable too.

From: Nolan: VA 7/28/14

Comments: Bait looks really nice but I was surprised at its size. Its listed at 5" and some people compare it to a hudd, theyre not even in the same ballpark in size. You could throw this little bait on a M baitcast rod no issue. Heck you could prob throw it on spinning gear fairly easy too. Side by side with a hudd, not even close. The bait does look good, havent fished it yet.

From: Jeremy: Bellefonte, PA 4/23/14

Comments: good swimbait same just the like the huddle fanatics color and good swim action..size are perfect for anything. Last is the price wise you can't beat it..10 star DECOY

From: Pmoua: Fresno, CA 3/29/14

Comments: Hook could be a bit better and the eye a bit easier to reach but action and detail are 5 star

From: Slim: QC 3/8/14

Comments: Very realistic paint job, but the "dark trout" color is much darker in person than it is in the TW photo. Tested it in my backyard goldfish pond and it swims well at very slow and super fast speeds. I haven't gotten to fish it yet though.

From: Nolan: Central, VA 3/7/14

Comments: This bait is very similar to a hudd. I absolutely wrecked the fish with this bait. Caught a 9 and a 7 pounder on the same day. Great for fishing shallow water. Be sure to add a treble on the bottom. Produces fish, excellent bait. Definitely will buy more! Silver shiner is my go to color on this bait, fishing the south.

From: Anthony: FL

Comments: Cool little swimbait that wobbles like a Senko if you kill the retrieve with a very subtle realistic swimming motion. I also get bites twitching it on occasion to make it dart like a Jerkbait. Nice finesse swimbait for clear water bass.

From: Robert: Battle Creek ,MI

Comments: After buying this and heading out to fish - I tied it on, cast it and started reeling.  At some point I became aware of the lack of action in this lure - tried to mess with it but cannot figure it out - I would not recommend this to anyone.

Comments: Great action at slow and high speed. Only problem was that it was smaller than expected. Smaller fish does take a shot at it too and sometime dinks too. I only wish they have a slightly larger size maybe a 7 inch. And lastly, make sure to buy some kind of scent product because it does smell like chemical paint, so if i can smell it I am sure the fish can too. (9/16/2013)

From: Pao: Fresno, CA

Comments: Great lure! Was fishing out in one of the bigger lakes here in San Diego and was fishing the middle of the lake for busting fish. Tried topwater and some other baits but nothing. So I gave these a shot and in 4 casts I had 2 bass. One 3 1/2 and on 5 1/2.

From: Patrick: Zan Diego, CA

Comments: These are the BOMB. The bass out here can't get enough of it. Caught a few good 5-6 LBERs off them. Even the small 12" bass strike this! Bought over 6 of the Rainbow trout and the bass ripped them all up. Need to get glue IMO. They're sturdy, but tends to rip with multiple bites. Very attractive bait. I would recommend attaching a tribal hook with a split ring to increase the chance of catching them. Overall, THIS bait turned me into a TRUE swimbait user. Caught my personal best off this DECOY.. LOVE IT 10/10 for me

From: Pao: Fairfield, CA

Comments: great bait, swimming action is just right, sinks horizontally and sits on the bottom horizontally, when you pull it it glides , durable to, I made a bad cast and it hit a rock hard and wasn't affected at all

From: Caleb: FL

Comments: Probably the best shad imitating swimbait on the market, and no 'duds' like another popular soft swimbait i won't mention that has qc issues. Every decoy tracks true right out of the package, no more hot water straightening. I keep mine in the package to keep fins straight. A sewing needle makes it easy to thread braided line. Personally I like it on 14-15lb flouro or mono. I'm telling ya, these little guys catch fish.

From: Jake: GA

Comments: Great bait. On about the 10th cast at Santa Margarita I pulled up a 5 1/2lb'r and this thing has been taking steady abuse every since.  It has lost one eye on it, i am not sure if it was from a fish or possibly a snag, but it has had no effect on it's performance.

From: Stretch: Atascadero Ca.

Comments: Awesome swimbait! and sits upright on bottom!

From: Adam: Nor Cal

Comments: A very underrated and forgotten about swimbait. Fishes very similar to the 6" Hudd. Bass from 2lbs+ will inhale these.

From: Brian: Mission Viejo

Comments: A VERY quality & great looking little bait with some of the best packaging in the game. I love the little piece to keep the tail from deforming and wish other brands would put in the type of effort these guys do. Also if your having trouble getting the bait to stand on the bottom properly like the guys at Tackle Tour did then cut the hook ring off the belly. This bait was designed to sit up right like Hudds but the ring can sometimes keep it from doing so.

From: John: USA

Comments: I really like this bait a lot from the way it looks & swims to the packaging that keeps the tail strait (Best Packaging in the game) this bait is a winner.   

From: John: MO

Comments: just got the light rainbow and the dark rainbow in yesterday. Took them fishing today at diamond valley and nailed a 6 and 7 pounder within the first 10 casts. Great bait

From: Nolan: La Verne

Comments: this is actually a great bait. Too small to imitate a trout(unless you're imitating a baby trout). Best results have been fishing it slooooow. Looking forward to a 7-8oz version

From: Brian


From: Aikas: Clearwater, FL

Comments:  Great bait. Caught a lot of fish on it already. Jerk it and pause, it'll suspend for a second and then horizontally wobbles down. Fast or slow the bait swims.

From: Pang: Bay Area, CA

Comments: Surprised me. Catches fish in all sizes. Will be getting more.

From: Xay: Macomb, MI

Comments:  i got the dark rainbow looks more realistic when you holding it but its not a full 5in its a little under.

From: Sam: Massachusetts, USA

Comments: Looks like a hudd feels like a hudd but doesnt produce like a hudd.

From: Travis: Hoover

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