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Deps Basirisky Frog - $16.99

In our search for the best bass fishing tackle in the world we see and reject lots of new lures because the baits are just not effective or the quality is not what we'd buy and use ourselves. The high quality of these Deps lures first attracted our attention and we were even more impressed with how well they caught fish. The Basirisky Frog is the kind of bait you won't be able to put down once you've thrown it. The Basirisky is effective anywhere you would think of throwing a frog or rat, on the mats, in thick grass, scattered vegetation, and even open water. The unique crawling action caused by the forward facing ‘legs' gives Basirisky a sound, splash, and action that will make bass bust this bait just because it makes them mad. On mats the weight of the lure and the natural shape will attract strikes.

Basirisky is a hollow bodied frog with a big, single, ultra-sharp Owner Hook. The body material is very soft and compresses easily, exposing almost the full bite of the hook. The bait is vented to allow air to escape quickly, making compression more complete. Unlike some frog baits, the hook point will not stick into the plastic body and the body cannot slide down on the hook point, either of which will make you miss fish. The weight is molded on the hook so it will never fall out and is cemented into the body so the whole unit acts almost as a single piece. The forward facing legs will hook and move surface vegetation, attracting a lot more attention than a bait that just slides over the top. Put this unique bait to the test and see if you don't agree; this is a fish catcher!

Basirisky Frog Length Weight
60mm 2.4" 2/3oz

Comments: This frog is the number one in the market. I would recommend it for everyone who love bass fishing to buy it.

From: Kao: Westminster, CO 9/16/14

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Deps Basirisky Frog

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