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The Deps Buster K is a unique hollow-body popping frog straight from Japan. Its cupped mouth spits and splashes as it moves along the surface and up, over, and around matted vegetation. It also features a rattle and a moving weight transfer system, which create fish attracting sound and also help stabilize it during flight and as you work it along the surface. The fur legs are incredibly realistic in the water, and don’t inhibit the Deps original outbarb hook like traditional rubber skirt legs tend to do. The Deps original outbarb hook also ensures that the bait will last longer because the barbs won’t penetrate the hollow body, and also makes it easier to release fish. Available in a range of colors, the Deps Buster K can’t be beat.

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Buster K 2.4" 1/2oz
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Deps Buster K

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  • Chartreuse Pepper
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  • Jet Black
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Comments:  two adjustments helps this frog and all frogs. First bend the hooks out away from the body a small amount, then bent them up away from the top of the body of the frog. This will help your hook ups by at least 50%

From: Johnnie: Lancaster, KY 6/4/15

Comments: This frog is killer. They sunk every cast but very effective. And when they float once the lure touch water instant catch. A large Pike tore the crap out of mine. I repaired it using aqua seal its a type a glue they use for fishing waders. Its also good for the exit of the hook on the frog where it leaks most. I use the glue for the rest of my frog and its been holding up really well.

From: MY: WI 6/12/14

Comments: Had a bad hookup ratio with this bait but it had so many blowups. I mainly used it in open water. Frustrated, I bought a pack of Lake Fork Tackle Frog Trailer hooks and started catching fish. Awesome little bait!!!

From: Chao: USA

Comments: nice frog walks good and chugs good buti cant get hook ups with it  i missed 6 in a hour i do fine with koppers and pad crashers the problem with this frog is the rattle weight transfer system it relly big and if its near the hooks when i bass grabs it the body cant colapse but ill keep trying it

From: Mike: OH

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