The Deps Korrigan Shallow Runner is a killer shallow running crankbait designed to dive to 1 to 3 feet. It features a unique bill, which allows it to generate excellent deflections, and it also creates a unique swimming motion and rattling sound as it moves through the water. Available in several deadly colors, the Deps Korrigan offer Japanese performance and precision to help you catch more fish.

Deps Length Weight Depth
Korrigan 1-3/8" 3/8oz 1-3ft

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0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This by far one of the best shallow divers I have ever used. I use 12-15lb fluorocarbon line and it dives to right around 3-5ft knocking on the bottom of shallow water and bouncing off structures like a champ. The reactions I get from this bait is by far some of the hardest bites I get off any bait in my tackle box. This is my go to bait and I recommend it to any one that is wanting a good lure to catch some major bass on.

From: William: TX

Comments: This is another top of the line bait from Deps. It's great wiggle action will get plenty of reaction bites when bounced of the rip rap or stumps. It will dive to 3-4 feet on 10lb fluro. It's square body is still thick enough to get a fairly wide wobble and makes it a good hot or cold water bait. The style of Deps makes this a real enthusist bait.

From: Evan: Roanoke, TX

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