Deps Slither K

Deps Slither K

The DEPS Slither K was designed to be fished in the thickest, nastiest cover imaginable. Its unorthodox body profile, cupped sides, flat belly and advanced balancing system were strategically calculated to facilitate a killer walk-the-dog action and produce an incredible amount of turbulence.

Its super soft construction combined with the precisely-angled, custom-designed hook make the Slither K extremely weedless, and at the same time, provide an excellent hook up ratio. The rear portion of the bait also has two evenly distributed holes, so the air within the body is quickly released, further ensuring solid hooksets, while automatically releasing water on the cast.

The natural feel and appearance of rabbit fur adds an extra element of natural appearance to the lure as it slithers back and forth on the surface, offering subtle movements and undulations that can only be produced with a natural material. As an added bonus, when the hair gets wet the extra weight from the water makes it more wind-resistant and allows for longer distance casts. Available in a range of killer colors, the DEPS Slither K is ready to rock-and-roll right out of the package - no tuning necessary.

DEPS Length Weight Class
Slither K 2-1/4" 3/8oz Topwater

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Very efficient bait, it almost walks the frog alone, its small profile + very soft body + sharp hooks = above level hook up ratio. Even its casting distance is good which is surprising for small frog. If it was not its price I would have it in ten models.

From: Ben: France 2/20/17

Comments: I have a few of these, belly weight fell of one after about 6 fish. Personally, they are just too light for me, I Am fishing an irod "freds magic stick" its a fairly stout rod, but anything under a 1/2 ounce I just have trouble casting with.. I guess I could use another rod, but sometimes I just need to draw the line in buying rods for a specific lure. I will admit if this frog was a 1/2 ounce it would be my go to, as other said the action is outstanding!!!

From: Brett: NY 2/14/15

Comments: Best walking frog on the market, hands down. I have all of the others (bronzeye, livetarget, etc.) and none quite measure up. This thing just walks so effortlessly, pivots and wiggles unlike anything else and never seems to ever take on water. It might be expensive but I don't care. I even have strips of rabbit fur for when the tail gets rocked and needs to be replaced. Hookups are great, action is perfect and the frog itself is very well thought out and tough. 10/10 will buy again & wish there were more colors available on TW!   

From: Matt: USA 9/19/14

Comments: been wanting one for a long time but because their $20 a pop I've held off. I saw TW had them in stock and I said what the hell and got one. Took it out for a test spin on a pond and I loved the action this frog has. Long story short first 20 min had a 5lber eat it , almost had it to the bank and pop ! My 65 lb braid broke. Not the best feeling losing a big fish and a $20 frog. When I got home I ordered 2 more because this frog has a action that is unique, I think it's a must have for any hardcore frog fisherman

From: Dave: Columbia, MD 7/15/14

Comments: Really got into frog fishing last year. I tried a lot of frogs and this one and the Buster K rose to the surface in regards to quality, fish catching ability and design. Walks like a dream, especially over thick cheese and extreme slop. Skips great under docks and trees. It has a very small profile which may lead to more strikes from wary fish. It looks a lot like a mouse scurrying over the water. I threw it a lot and never had any issues with the weight coming off or the body tearing. My baits seemed to handle a lot of use all summer/fall. It's expensive, but worth the cost if you really love fishing frogs.   Try the Buster K as well, just as good.

From: Frankdi: Welland, Ontario, Canada

Comments: just for everybodys info I have caught over 100 bass on this bait .the tail does not last that long but very easy to replace. when the hair is gone pull the rest of the tail out and go to a fly tie shop and get some rabbit hair strips cut to size and use a big needle to thread the hide of the rabbit hair into the hole and use a tiny drop of super glue and good as new. you can repeat this time and time again also if the plastic rips super glue respond great I had a slither k ripped to shreds by a pike and super glued it and it is still catching tons of bass.

From: Jim: lake tomahawk wisconsin

Comments: I purchased 5 of these from this website.  I have been very impressed with the action and also see better hook ups due to the weight being located on the outside of the frog body and above the hook.  The "walk the dog" action is great, and if you practice working it with some slack in the line it will almost hover in place. There is a major design flaw in that the weight separates from the hook rather quickly.  Once that happens the body of the frog separates from the weight and it begins to tear horizontally across the bottom of the frog.  After that it takes on water and begins to sink, killing the action.  It has happened on all 5 of mine.  I sent email to Optimum Baits and was told that they acknowledged that this was an issue however Deps considers it normal wear therefore they could not be replaced.  I have fished for 20 years and used all the major brands of frogs.  All of them were far more durable than this $20 item.  I'm not buying anymore until the design is improved or Deps gets behind its product.  I can still smoke them on a Pad Crusher for a fraction of the cost and more durability.

From: CR: Louisiana

Comments: best frog on the market right now took 2nd place in one of my tournaments on this frog got one of each color get them well you can

From: Mike: Akron OH

Comments: The truly remarkable thing about this frog is in the action. Unlike all the other frog makers, the developers at Deps designed their frog completely from the perspective of a fish looking up at it. As pretty as all the other frogs look, the fish only sees the belly of the frog and how it moves across the water. Instead of lavishly wasting effort into designing a frog to appear to look like a frog to an angler, they focused their attention to how the frog would look like to a fish as it swims across the water. Its motion and dog walking action is second to none and drive the Bass crazy. For best results, try walking the frog 4-5 motions with a slightly more aggressive jerk on the 4th or 5th motion causing the frog to spit, and then repeat. Then pause for about 3-4 seconds and repeat again. Wait for it╜ Then hold on to dear life! Two thumbs up and a standing ovation for the developers at Deps. 

From: Kong

Comments: I was extremely skeptical about this frog. I heard the hype and wanted to test it for myself. Hands down, best frog ever made in the frog world market. Best results - Walk the dog with 3-5 actions and on the last side movement, reel just a little harder so the frog slightly spits, then pause for about 3 seconds and repeat. Be aggressive at times but remember to pause through out the cast. This will cause the Bass to go crazy. Hook ratio is awesome and easy without a lot of delay. Anyone who has fished with this frog knows better to not go back any other one on the market. Standing ovation to Deps! Great Job! My only con - For a $19 frog, its well worth the money, however keep in mind that this frog has about a 25-30 fish limit as it will begin to lose its magic and start sinking as the water will fill them. 

From: Frogger Man: MN

Comments: just recieved mine in the mail, and it looks awesome. ive heard great things and i am ready to hit the water. the tail is very cool, it is like a feather.

From: Scutt: KS

Comments: One of the best frogs in my opinion. Movement of this frog just drive bass nuts.

Comments: Ive caught my biggest bass on the slither k by deps in the shooting star color

From: Patrick

Comments: this is one of the best mouse/frog out there. i called it the crazy walk. so ez to walk the dog. but it do catch alot of bass and pike.

From: Skyline: Greenfield, WI

Comments: This frog flat out gets bit! The tail holds up super well but after about 40 fish on it it might be getting close to retirement. The bottom weight on mine is barley hanging on...any tips to keep it in? Either way if you like throwing the frog give this a try! Ill be buying another one.

From: Max: HB, CA

Comments: @Ryan, thanks for the great feedback... Just like many fisherman, frog fishing can become a passion.  I have tried most of the new hollow bodied frogs that have raving reviews, spro, iobee, jackall, and the Deps looks unbelievable in the water.  It actually walks the dog much better than the iobee, which walks flawlessly.  I  purchased the albino pepper and man this thing just comes alive in the water... Lets all be honest, when fishing a top water frog, it does not necessarily look like a real frog, but I can honestly say this lure looks like a small mouse scurrying away from cover in the water.

From: Brett: Rochester, NY

Comments: i literally threw all my other frogs out by far this deps product changes the total game in frog fishing .i cant remember how many years we alway have seen the same type of  frog design for the last 30 years at least. the action this frog puts out in the water is incredible . it has outfished my kopper and spro frogs  by 5 to 1. who ever designed this lure should get a major award . it looks totally identical to a mouse or frog swimming in the water .the way it responds to the rod action you give it is something to see.  i have not been so excited about a lure in a long time . the last couple of years the koppers has got so much attention because of all the detail it has but the performance is not much difference then frogs of 10-30 years ago. you put them side by side and the slither k will change your mind forever. buy one!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Ryan: Houston, TX

Comments: best frog/mouse ever incredible side to side action like nothing on the market in a totally different class then kopper and spro frogs they dont perform anywhere near the slither k. best hook set best casting a whole new concept in a frog/ mouse design. you are very limited in action with the kopper and spro design they dont walk the dog anywhere near what the slither k does . no matter how you work it. the japanese bait buiders make the very best lures in the world this lure is one of the best examples . the rabbit hair acts like a natural mouse or rat tail in the water you have to see it work to believe it looks so real . buy one and you will never go back to anything other frog i promise

From: Jake: Austin, TX

Comments: worth every penny the very best hollow type body frog  period .the kopper , spro, rivertosea ,and some others are basically all identical in some way. if you look very closely at this frog the flat lead weight is balanced perfectly it has a natural pivot point it walks the dog like no other the rabbit fur comes to life in the water and is totally industructable no other frog cast like this one it is like a bullet in the wind and on a calm day best hook set of any of them because of the type of plastic used and the design  of the contoured body and how it collapes very quickly. the other companys i mentioned they may look totally like a frog but that is where it ends if you want total performance this is the only!!!!!!!! one.

From: Jim: Lake Tomahawk, WI

Comments: The best frog ever!!!!! Buy one you will not be disappointed. Walks amazing, the hook set is incretable, and they hold up great! I caught over 50 nice bass on one lure without it falling apart. They catch big BASS!!!

From: Jeff: San Juan Cap, CA

Comments: Very soft and a lot smaller than i expected not saying that's a negative in any way but only time will tell if this guy is a true killer. Looks and feels the part

From: Louis: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: All I can say is one thing. Best hollow Body frog on the market!

From: Cody: FL, USA

Comments: Great frog/mouse...Hooks tight on the body, and do not require cleaning every cast.  No trouble walking the dog, and good hook set.  Rabbit tail still intact after many catches....and a few misses  :)  Beats Koppers Live Target by a mile....or more.

From: Dick: Sterling, IL

Comments: Probably one of the best frogs on the market.  Guarantee you'll catch fish.  It is more expensive than other frogs but it is truly one of a kind when nothing else bites.

From: Jino: lake of the Ozarks, MO

Comments: Nice little frog.  Small profile, but casts like a bullet.  Does not sink, but harder to walk than most frogs.  Will walk well, but you have to put some effort into it (not near as easy as a Bobby's or Ish frog).  Above all, it catches fish very well.  The fish seem to like it, as it has been out-catching my other frogs 2 to 1.  Hookup ratio has been good--but as anyone knows that throws frogs, sometimes bass seem to have a depth perception problem and just miss the bait.

From: Brad: Texas

Comments: Great frog took got them yesterday and took it out yesterday on a tough lake caught a 4 and a 3 hooksets are so easy it is so soft great  frog 5 stars

From: Tyler: Columbus, GA

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