Dirty Jigs Pivot Point Football Jig 2pk - $4.79

The Dirty Jigs Pivot Point Football Jig offers two wire loops, one as a 60-degree line tie, and the other connects to a pivoting Gamakatsu SuperLine Offset EWG Hook. This design allows your soft plastic to move freely and float while you work the bait, giving you the most natural presentation possible. Just Texas-Rig your favorite soft plastic craw, creature, or worm to this head and hang on.

For best results- rig your plastic bait onto the Dirty Jigs Pivot Point Football Jig so it does not cover the hook eye for maximum movement. To really enhance the action of your bait, use naturally buoyant soft plastics like those from Hag's Tornado Bait Company and Power Team Lures.

2 per pack

Comments: a great bottom jig. This just helped me win a small local kayak tournament. I fished the 1/2 oz. 5/0 model along ledge steps with some scattered brush. The bait I paired it with was a powerteam lures texas-rig jig. Great combo and it earned me a 17-6 bag with a 6-3 kicker!

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: best bottom jig i ever used, i use the 1/2 & 3/4 oz. with a big bite kreit tail worm with a drag & shake method, it stirs up mud & the worm looks like its trying to dig itself into the bottom with a left % right motion,  hang on!!!!!!

From: Jack: WI

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Dirty Jigs Pivot Point Football Jig 2pk

2 Available Colors

  • Black
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4oz 3/0 07/30
    1/4oz 4/0 5+
    3/8oz 3/0 2
    3/8oz 4/0 5+
    3/8oz 5/0 08/18
    1/2oz 3/0 08/18
    1/2oz 4/0 09/02
    1/2oz 5/0 1
    3/4oz 3/0 5+
    3/4oz 4/0 08/11
    3/4oz 5/0 08/11
    1oz 5/0 5+
    1oz 6/0 08/11
  • Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4oz 3/0 5
    1/4oz 4/0 07/30
    3/8oz 3/0 5+
    3/8oz 4/0 08/25
    3/8oz 5/0 08/11
    1/2oz 3/0 5+
    1/2oz 4/0 08/11
    1/2oz 5/0 08/11
    3/4oz 3/0 08/18
    3/4oz 4/0 5+
    3/4oz 5/0 08/11
    1oz 5/0 08/11
    1oz 6/0 08/11