Do-it Paasche Air Brush Kit VL-3 Set

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Please Note: Requires Air Compressor (not included)

It has often been said - “If you want something done right, then you must do it yourself.” With the Do-it Paasche Airbrush VL Set, anglers can customize their lures and jigs exactly the way they always wished they would be. The Do-it Paasche Airbrush VL-3 Set is one of the most versatile airbush sets available. Featuring a chrome plated body and components, it features easily adjustable spray controls and variable heads able to paint lines from 1/32” to 1-1/2.” With the ability to handle water and solvent based paints, the Do-it Paasche Airbrush VL-3 Set adds personalized details to all of your lures, and can also be used for taxidermy, making custom t-shirts, and temporary tattoos. In addition, the Do-it Paasche Airbrush VL-3 Set is a great way to save money by giving life to old jigheads and weights that were previously thought to be unusable. It comes with everything you need - even a 22-lesson booklet to help you get started. The Do-it Paasche Airbrush VL-3 Set is the best way to ensure that you stay on step ahead of the fish - and the competition. 


-VL#3 Airbrush
-Size 1&5 Spray Heads
-1/4oz Metal Cup
-1oz Bottle Assembly
-1oz Storage Bottle
-6 ft. Braided Hose
-Instruction Manual/Lessons Booklet

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