Dry Creek 2.75" Drop Shot Tube 10pk

msrp: $4.99
Dry Creek 2.75

Ideal for drop shotting the Dry Creek Drop Shot Tube was designed with a slimmer profile to help keep the tube parallel with the bottom. These tubes come is tournament proven colors that will provoke even the wariest bass to commit. Whether you are looking for a quick limit or just a fun day on the water the Dry Creek Drop Shot Tube is ideal.

Length Quantity
2.75" 10

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These baits are money when the bite is tough & deep. They are naturally buoyant & don't require a twitching or other action to get the bass going. Green Pumpkin with purple works day in & day out.

From: Hunter: MT 8/13/16

Comments: These are a great little dropshot bait. I have a lake that i test all the new baits i buy near my house, and it is very pressured.  There have been many days that i have been skunked on this lake and the bass here are very wary due to the amount of people who fish here. I grabbed two packs of these baits and they sat in my tackle bag for about two months when i was having a very rough day not catching anything. I broke these little tubes out and went to work. I left with five bass vise none which is how it would have gone. No big fish, but i was still very satisfied getting a bite when nothing else was getting it done. The lake i fish is very clear and full of weeds.

From: John: Bremerton, WA 11/22/14

Comments: AMAZING drop shot baits, fish them on a 1/0 wide gap hook and they are awesome.

From: Clyde: Idaho, USA

Comments: Smallies can't stand it, they have to kill it. My new go to drop shot bait.

From: Eric: Aurora, WV

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