Dry Creek 3.5" Full Body Double Dipped Tubes 7pk - $4.99

The Dry Creek Double Dipped Tube features color schemes that catch fish. Some colors have been named after bodies of water while others are tried and true patterns that will catch fish all across the country. Due to the double dipped process you get a thicker and heavier tube that bass can't resist.

Tube Jig Heads

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3.5" 7
Bama Craw
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Dry Creek 3.5

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  • Bama Craw
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  • Brutis
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  • Bug Juice
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  • Buzzard Snot
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  • Columbia Craw
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  • Firetiger
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  • Goby
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  • Hornet
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  • Red Hot Craw
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  • Sassy Shad
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  • Snake River Craw
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  • Watermelon Craw
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  • Watermelon Slice
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  • Witches T
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  • Changeable Blue
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  • Changeable Orange
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  • Columbia Bluegill
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Customer Reviews Back to Top

Comments: Good tubes, very durable, nice salt. As the previous review states fish will indeed swallow these baits very fast! So pay attention, and keep those fish alive and kickin'.

From: Chris: CA 5/17/15

Comments: Great tube, Table Rock bass love them! Columbia Craw & Bama Craw are my go to colors.

From: Quillback: NW Arkansas

Comments: Quality tubes. They're tough, and the color combinations are awesome. One small note ... despite the pictures, the Bama Craw, and the Snake River Craw are very similar in color, with the Snake River Craw color being a slightly lighter shade of green pumpkin than the Bama Craw is. If you want a tube with a brown body and orange inner tail, the Changeable Orange would be the color you want. The Changeable Blue is an awesome color

From: Dave: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Comments: This is becoming my go to tube. I  drop shot it on the potomac (buzzard snot) or cast to the shore line and hope it back to the boat.

From: Sam: La Plata, MD

Comments: Great tube, very durable and good colors... we caught brownies all day long on the lower Columbia.

From: T-bone: Yakima, WA

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