Duckett Fishing Spinning Rods

  • Offering high-end features and performance at an affordable price, the new Duckett Ghost Spinning Rods are scary good - with new lightweight Sensi-Touch blanks and premium micro guides.

  • The Duckett Macro Magic Spinning Rods provide anglers with the winning features and balance of the original Duckett Micro Guide series - now with full-size guides.

  • The Duckett White Ice Spinning Rods were designed by some of bass fishing top pro's to help you capitalize when the going gets tough, and light lines and finesse is the only way to put fish in the boat.

  • The Duckett Micro Magic Spinning Rods were designed by Boyd Duckett and Ken Whiting to provide anglers with elite-level, technique-specific performance - integrated with the latest in Micro Guide Technology.