Duo Realis Crankbait M65

Crafted by global fishing icon Hajime Murata, the Duo Realis M65 Crankbait is a sleek, new crankbait made for targeting bass that inhabit deeper waters. Designed to dive from 8-11 feet, the Duo Realis M65 11A Crankbait alerts bass to its presence with its finely tuned, metallic rattle, which consists of an internal metal plate and steel ball. Replete with intricate detailing, the Duo Realis M65 11A Crankbait features an incredibly lifelike scaling pattern and big bulging eyes that bass love. Ready for tournament action straight out of the box, the Duo Realis M65 11A Crankbait possesses an unmatched aesthetic that bass outside of Japan have yet to see.

Duo Realis Length Weight Class Depth
M65 11A 2-1/2" 1/2oz Floating 11ft
M65 8A 2-1/2" 1/2oz Floating 8ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Plain and simple, this crankbait is awesome. Great action, sound, components, finish, etc. The stock hooks on these and any other DUO REALIS lure are super, sticky sharp. You get what you pay for. I've caught most of my bass this summer cranking this in 10 FOW.

From: Wes: NY 9/22/15

Comments: best cranks ive ever bought n use so far quality n swim action is spot on, M Shad killed it, looking forward to buying lots more

From: Vang: Sacramento, CA 2/28/15

Comments: Crushed them on the M65 11A out on Squaw Creek the other day. We were cranking them through standing timber in 6-10 of water with 12lb floro. Once you got it in the limbs you just wanted to slowly work it through the tree tops. It usually didn't make it through the top without getting swallowed. Great action, great sound and bass choke them!

From: Walt: TX 5/20/14

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