Eagle Claw Egg Sinkers - $1.29 to $1.99

Ideal for an endless amount of fishing applications, the Eagle Claw Egg Sinker is a great way to add weight to a rig without additional tension on the line. The Eagle Claw Egg Sinker is offered in a variety of weights to accommodate any depth or technique. Made with the quality and consistency that Eagle Claw is known for throughout the fishing world, the Egg Sinker is a necessity no matter what type of fish you’re targeting. 

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Eagle Claw Egg Sinkers

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Eagle Claw Egg Sinkers 1/2oz 5pk $1.49
Eagle Claw Egg Sinkers 3/4oz 3pk $1.29
Eagle Claw Egg Sinkers 1oz 2pk $1.29
Eagle Claw Egg Sinkers 1 1/4oz 2pk $1.49
Eagle Claw Egg Sinkers 1 1/2oz 2pk $1.99

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