Eagle Claw Lip Gripper - $29.99

The Eagle Claw Lip Gripper is easy to use and makes an excellent tool for safe catch and release fishing, especially with toothy fish. Simply place the gripper on the bottom lip of the fish then let the positive locking jaws tighten as you lift the fish. A calibrated 30lb scale uses 1lb increments to give you an accurate assessment of your catches weight.

The cushioned swivel handle also offers a contouring grip that keeps the fish from injury during resistance. To release your catch just place it in the water and release the t-collar to loosen the grippers from the lip. The Eagle Claw Lip Gripper is a functional and environmentally-friendly accessory that should be on board every boat. 

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Eagle Claw Lip Gripper

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Eagle Claw Lip Gripper $29.99

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