Eco Pro Diamond Pegs 20pk - $3.19

Eco Pro has once again taken terminal tackle to the next level with the new Eco Pro Diamond Pegs. Designed to keep your baits from sliding up your hook and line - after you rig your favorite soft plastic bait onto any size or style of hook, simply insert the Eco Pro Diamond Peg into the hook eye to securely lock your plastic in place. The unique design of the Eco Pro Diamond Pegs helps save your baits from wear and tear, and keep you fishing instead of adjusting your baits.

The Eco Pro Diamond Pegs come 20 per pack - with 4 sizes per pack.

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Eco Pro Diamond Pegs 20pk

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Eco Pro Diamond Pegs 20pk $3.19

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Comments: Before I purchased these I too read the review. I can NOT get the peg through almost any hook.. its like pulling teeth. If this product works for you than do a video and teach the rest of us cause IMO this is and utter waste of money.

From: J-Roc: Jackson, FL 7/17/14

Comments: I use these on my flukes!! Awesome!!!

From: Sam: Key West, FL

Comments: These things are pure junk , dont waste your money

From: Lenny: So Cal

Comments: These diamond pegs are awesome I really like them they hold your lures on the hook so well bought 3 packs . Jared Lintner video on Tackle warehouse really help me find the right peg for my hooks thank you .

From: Erik: IL

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