Eco Pro Tungsten Flick Head 3 pack - $3.29 to $6.59

Designed for wacky fishing at all depths, the Eco Pro Tungsten Flick Head Finesse Jig offers the super sensitivity of tungsten, and lets your bait flutter downward with a realistic action that draws monster strikes. Available in black and green pumpkin, the Eco Pro Tungsten Flick Head Finesse Jigs will draw strikes under the toughest conditions. More bites, more fish in the boat.

3 per pack

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Eco Pro Tungsten Flick Head 3 pack

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  • Black
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16 4+ $3.29
    1/8 4+ $4.99
    3/16 4+ $6.59
  • Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16 4 $3.29
    1/8 4+ $4.99
    3/16 4+ $6.59

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Comments: Awesome. Plain and simple. Used this is in northern Wisconsin recently (May 2013) with a Big Bit Baits Trick Stick and the largemouth straight ate it up. Same worm with a normal wacky hook they wouldn't touch. Great product and great price!

From: Ryan: Minneapolis, MN

Comments: Fantastic Hook!!! Only downfall is the weed guard tends to break off after about 2-3 fish but the hook itself is unreal!!! Catching more fish wacky rigging than ever before!! Highly Recommend!!

From: Daniel: Albuquerque, NM

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