Eco Pro Tungsten Money Maker Shakey Head 3pk - $4.99 to $5.49

Featuring heads composed of 97% hard-fired tungsten, the Eco Pro Tungsten Money Maker Jigs take shakey head fishing to the next level. Since tungsten is much denser than lead, it allows the Money Maker’s heads to be significantly more compact and come through grass and cover much easier than the same weighted lead jigs. Tungsten is also much harder than lead, which translates into increased sensitivity. This allows you really feel the structure you are fishing over, and feel those subtle pick ups you may have missed before. The nickel titanium coil also allows you to screw in your favorite plastics, and holds them firmly in place for weedless rigging. Also featuring a special seal coat for added durability along with super premium needlepoint hooks, the Eco Pro Tungsten Money Maker Shakey Heads are some of the best shakey heads on the market, period.

-Eco-friendly to protect our fisheries for future generations.

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Comments: best shakey head hands down.

From: Kevin: GA

Comments: Love the hook in these. Took a little to get used to the smaller head but its the deal! A little $ but a quality product! You get what u pay for and eco pro does it right!

From: Adam: SoCal

Comments: Best shakey head I've fished. Wire keeper worked fine for me. Keep it up.

From: John: NC

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Eco Pro Tungsten Money Maker Shakey Head 3pk

2 Available Colors

  • Black
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    1/16 5 $4.99
    1/8 5+ $5.49
  • Green Pumpkin
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    1/16 5+ $4.99
    1/8 5+ $5.49