Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Pegs 10 pack

Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Pegs 10 pack

Designed to be the easiest, simplest pegging system on the market, the Eco Pro - Pro Pegs cover all your pegging needs. Available in two sizes, the smaller size pegs are designed to fit with all Eco Pro weights up to 1/2oz, and the larger size pegs are designed to fit with all sizes 3/4oz and above. Just thread the tag end of your line through the loop and slide the peg up onto your line - the Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Pegs won't let you down.

10 per pack

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Eco Pro Pro Pegs 10 pack 3mm $2.39 10+
Eco Pro Pro Pegs 10 pack 5mm $2.39 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Dont care for 'em. They don't fit snugly in the weight and are oversized. Had one slip down inside a 1 oz flipping weight.


Comments: Pretty good. They will fit most "insert-less" tungsten weights. They fit eco-pro's and picasso's i can tell u that. Eagle claw tungsten too. And Kanji metal mostly too. They slide right into the top of the weight (they insert in) and only the tip sticks out. They sometimes don't hold as tightly as I'd like and slip up the line a bit if ur not using heavy line. 17lbs fluoro or above and they hold well but if im fishing a t-rig in more open water/sparse cover and using 12-14lbs line they sometimes let the weight slide up or too far/hard down on the top of the rig. I'd give them a 7.5/10 they are good for true flipping/heavy cover fishing.

From: Tanner: Southeastern Mass

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