Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Wacky Weights 3 pack - $3.99 to $7.79

The Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Wacky Weights feature a revolutionary design that allows you to add extra weight to your wacky rig, while helping save your plastics from wear and tear and improving your hook up ratio.

Simply insert the eye of the Pro Wacky Weight into your favorite soft plastic, then put your hook point through the eye - and that’s it. Available in several colors to better match your bait selection, the Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Wacky Weights let you fish with your hook at a 90-degree angle, save your plastics, and make the most out of every bite.

3 per pack

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Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Wacky Weights 3 pack

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  • Black
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/32 5+ $3.99
    1/16 5+ $4.89
    1/8 5+ $6.59
    3/16 08/12 $7.79
  • Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/32 5+ $3.99
    1/16 5+ $4.89
    1/8 5+ $6.59
    3/16 5+ $7.79
  • Plain
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/32 5+ $3.99
    1/16 5 $4.89
    1/8 5+ $6.59
    3/16 1 $7.79

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Comments: Very expensive for what they are BUT; an excellent product. I use these with the Berkley Havoc Money Makers and a 1/0 Gammy octopus hook. This weight gets the bait down a little quicker in deeper water and also helps the worm last much longer than hooking straight into the worm. A+ product!

From: Gary: PA 8/20/14

Comments: Chunk definitely has the right idea on this one. nose hooking a finesse worm with these things is absolutely killer. very similar to the hyper tsunakichi rig only less time consuming

From: Unknown: USA 3/5/14

Comments: These are another awesome product from Eco Pro Tungsten. They help add weight to a wacky rig without affecting the action and keeping a very nice and compact package. They aid in the ability to skip your rig since it does stay so compact. Another thing that I like about these is the fact that they seem to improve the durability of soft plastics because they go all the way through the worm. These are an absolute must for fishing wacky style!

From: Michael: Holcombe, WI

Comments: While these are awesome for wacky rigging and a must have item in your tackle box, there are other uses for them. I like to use the 1/16 to nose hook a worm or swim bait with a small octopus hook for a killer finess presentation. When rigged this way it bait looks like the drop shot presentation without the dangling weight. It's very effective in skinny water. It's also stealthier and allows more hook size options than a ball jig head.

From: Chuck: NJ, USA

Comments: Can't say enough good things about these weights.  I was lucky enough to fish with these on Champlain this summer and they rock!  Hands down the best wacky system out there! 

From: Mike: USA

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