Ego Measuring Ruler - $16.49 to $19.99

The Ego Measuring Boards are constructed from durable 3/16” anodized aluminum. Precisely machined and laser etched down to 1/16” increments, the Ego Measuring Boards provide accurate measurements at a glance and long lasting functionality.

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Ego Measuring Ruler

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  • 18"
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    5 $16.49
  • 24"
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    5+ $19.99

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Comments: These are nice and sturdy, but mine faded in the sun after being left out for a few days. It was my own fault for forgetting to put it away, but I still don't think it should have faded so quickly. It went from bold red to dull pink. It's barely readable now. I wouldn't discourage anyone from buying one, but they should make sure to keep it stored away when not in use. I personally will try a different brand next time.

From: Chad: MN 4/21/14

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