Ego Rubber Mesh Net Large Clear

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Ego Large Rubber Landing Net Clear With its sleek and elegant design Ego's Large Rubber Landing Net is nearly as attractive as it is functional. The handle, 36" in length, is constructed from octagonal extruded aluminum with a black anodized finish and is angle reinforced for added strength. The handle is designed not only to make it easier to control but is also to help save your line by eliminating all sharp edges and angles than can fray or break your line and cause you to lose fish. The hoop has a unique, scooped design that aids the angler in netting his catch. The hoop dimensions are an ample 19"x21" and just like the handle is constructed from black anodized extruded aluminum. The netting material is constructed from one piece of continuous rubber mesh that has a 15" depth and stretches up 1.5x under load yet the entire weight of the net is only 1.5 lbs. Also, don't worry if you drop it in the water, you won't lose it because another advantage of Ego's lightweight design is that this net will float.

Rubber Mesh Nets are much safer for netted fish and became popular first with catch and release anglers because they protect scales, gills and fins from damage traditional nets can cause. Rubber nets also save you, the angler, from hook snags that can cost your bait time in the water.

Clear Netting Material is believed to cause less stress on the fish because its transparent qualities will have less chance of spooking fish while trying to land them.

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