Evergreen OB Popper

Evergreen OB Popper

Part of Evergreen International's popular MoDo Custom series of topwater lures, the Evergreen One's Bug is a deadly topwater popper loaded with four different types of rattles - tungsten, brass, steel, and glass. These different rattles produce a unique fish attracting sound that has been proven to draw explosive strikes from bass and other predatory fish. Produced by Morizo Shimizu, the Evergreen One's Bug generates a killer, chugging action thanks to its precisely positioned cupped lip, and its long, rear feathered treble creates additional lifelike, subtle movements in between chugs. Available in a range of colors, the Evergreen One's Bug won't let you down.

Evergreen International is one of Japan's premier tackle company. Hard to find outside of Japan, they have still become world-renowned for their high quality baits that have been proven to out catch competitors offerings.

Evergreen Length Weight Class Hooks
One's Bug 2-3/4" 3/8oz Topwater #6

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6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  One of the best poppers.  I've been using this for the last 4 years.  I probably own more than 25 different kinds of popper, but now I use only two, One's Bug and Rio Rico.  It can do pretty much whatever you want.  It can walk, spit, regular pop and big low frequency pop.  Casts very well, too.

Comments: Walk's the dog very easy,caught some good fish on it when nothing else seamed to work.Finish held up good,not a big pop but more of a spitting action.Wish Tackle Warehouse had the killer Shad color though.

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