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Fin-tech Title Shot Shakey Jig 2pk - $3.59 to $3.79

Shaky head fishing is a popular technique on the tournament trail. The problem with most shaky head designs is that they require an increase in hook size as the weight (head size) increases to maintain the same gap. The larger hook then overpowers your finesse presentation.

Bassmaster Elite Series veteran and Fin-tech pro staffer, Dave Wolak, worked very closely with Fin-tech on the “ultra finesse" Title Shot Shaky Jig to combat these problems, and create the perfect shaky head jig. At the heart of the Fin-tech Title Shot Shaky Jig is the patented Retainer/Guard System When a fish bites down on the jig, the Retainer/Guard collapses, allowing its custom-made Mustad Ultra Point 2/0 Light-Wire Wide Gap Hook to come into play for higher hook up ratios, while also helping to keep your bait from getting destroyed.

The Fin-tech Title Shot Shaky Jig's balanced, low centered, weighted head also allows it to drop straight to your intended target, and allows it to stand up and drag on the bottom. Its flat eye is positioned forward and tight to the jighead, which means less snagging, and also eliminates the knot on your line eye from advancing forward - for maximum jig action.

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Fin-tech Title Shot Shakey Jig 2pk

4 Available Colors

  • Black Lazer
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/8 Out $3.59
    3/16 Out $3.59
    1/4 Out $3.79
  • Brown Lazer
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/8 8 $3.59
    3/16 5 $3.59
    1/4 7 $3.79
  • Melon Lazer
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/8 11/07 $3.59
    3/16 2 $3.59
    1/4 2 $3.79
  • White Lazer
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/8 3 $3.59
    3/16 10 $3.59
    1/4 1 $3.79