Fish Sticks KVD Lure Enhancer - $8.99

The Fish Sticks KVD Lure Enhancer is the only solid-state fish attractant designed to eliminate the hassle of liquid fish attractants. No More Mess on your hands or boat. The 0.5oz screw-up tube allows for easy application and thousands of uses in just one tube.

The Crawfish fish attractant is made with 100% pure Fish Oil, Real Crawfish, real Garlic Oil and Salt. Easily applied to Crawfish type baits, like Jigs, Soft Plastic Creature baits and even Plastic Worms.

The Shad fish attractant is made with 100% pure Fish Oil, Real Shad, Anise Oil and Salt. Easily applied to Shad type Baits like Crankbaits, Spinnerbaits, and Soft Plastics.

"You can throw this in your tackle bag and it won't melt or get all gooey. The scent will stick to hard baits, worms or whatever, and the application is quick-and-easy." – Kevin VanDam, 3-time Bassmaster Classic Winner and 6-time Angler of the Year.

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Comments: I use this scent more often than JJ's magic. Of course if I need to dye the tips of my plastics than I use the dye. One key factor of this product that I must note, it might get clumpy. I recommend keeping it in your pocket to keep it warm. Otherwise, that is the only problem I ran across with this product. The scent stays on the bait for extended periods of time. This trait is especially notable on hard baits. I love applying the shad scent to my crankbaits. The product is still on the bait that I have not used since the summer. Great product. Huge confidence factor.

From: Leo: IN 12/3/14

Comments: I purchased the crawdad stick several years ago and am still using the same stick. Stays in my tackle bag and hasn't melted or gotten messy yet. Easy to apply and I feel it helps mask the human scent.  You don't need a whole lot, just a couple little smears will do as the scent is strong. Now to try the shad scent. 
P.S.Do not apply to your own lips if they are chapped, your wife won't kiss you for weeks...don't ask how I know.

From: Tim: KY 9/25/14

Comments: Not near as good as it was when it first came out. Used to be soft and worked great. Still has good strong odor that lasts but consistency is different and it turns white. Maybe due to higher demand and shortcuts. Don't like it is much as before. First couple sticks would be a 10/10. Now it's closer to 6/10.

From: Matt: LA

Comments: I bought the shad and I doubt that its helped me catch anything. If you apply this and you drop it, your screwed because it will pick up dirt, lint, and anything else annoying and impossible to get off. It feels kind of like putting glue on a lure and it doesn't ever want to come off.

From: Ross: AL

Comments: I had a small trout about 6 inches try to attack my Fat Ika after I put some of this stuff on! He wouldnt leave it alone! Followed it all the way back to the boat!

From: Rick: San Diego, CA

Comments: Used the shad at Guntersville last year. I was impressed. Never have been a big fan of attractants until now. Application is nice, it dosent get on you your buddy of the boat.

From: Brad: Floyds Knobs, IN

Comments: Haven't tried these on the water yet, but if you do buy them do not open them in the house (at least the crawdad scent). It is VERY potent the second you open the plastic packaging it comes in without even taking the cap off the tube. Also I wouldn't keep it in your pocket like the package says, the smell will stick to you and it's not pleasant ;0)

From: Clint: Lansing, IL

Comments: I fish the California Delta and I switched from BANG to these Fish Sticks and I have to say they are perfect. It doesn't get everywhere and stays on the lure. I really think the fish like it in the Delta waters.

From: RicRoc: Tracy, Ca

Comments: I picked up a couple of these at the 2010 Bass Master Classic on Lay Lake, and I am a huge fan and believe in them.  Fish tend to hit my soft plastics aggressively with these, compared to without them. Fish also hold on to them for longer periods of time, and they last longer than traditional spray ons. Definitely worth the money.

From: Jacob: Baton Rouge, LA

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