Flambeau 4007 Tuff 'Tainer with Zerust

Taking tackle storage to the next level, the Flambeau 4007 Tuff ‘Tainer features Flambeau’s innovative Zerust technology and a transparent design that lets you readily identify what’s inside. The Flambeau 4007 Tuff ‘Tainer fits the 3600 footprint and is perfect for storing plastics, assorted weights, scent sticks, or even spare nuts and bolts. Additionally, the Flambeau 4007 Tuff 'Tainer also comes with 10 Zerust dividers that allow you to customize storage compartments, and also deliver a corrosion-resistant protection for your lures.  The patented Zerust polymer emits a harmless vapor that forms a protective layer around metal surfaces and prevents oxidation from occurring. Unlike other rust-protectors that ware-off after a short while, or stop working once they become wet, the Flambeau Zerust dividers work for up to five years or more. For over 65 years Flambeau has been your most trusted source in tackle storage. Flambeau Outdoors. Built to Fish. Built to Last.

Dimensions: 11" X 7.25" X 1.75" 

-6 Partitions
-10 Zerust dividers 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Got this box to replace a box that got stepped on by my dog and broke. Anyway I had it for less than a week and one of the latches broke of and fell into the lake. Disappointed in flambeau maybe I got a dud, but I think I'm gonna stick with Plano from now on

From: Bryce: USA 6/9/14

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