Flambeau 5007 Tuff 'Tainer Tackle Box with Zerust - $5.99

The Flambeau 5007 Tuff 'Tainer Tackle Box is perfect for a variety of tackle storage applications. Featuring a 3700-size footprint, it is extremely durable, and includes revolutionary Zerust technology to provide the ultimate in worry-free corrosion protection. Zerust has proven to be the absolute best way to protect your tackle against rust and corrosion. Molded into the Tuff Tainer dividers, this patented polymer emits a harmless vapor, forming a protective layer around metal surfaces. All Zerust products maintain their effectiveness for up to five years or more, so you can count on hassle free, long lasting protection with the Flambeau 5007 Tuff 'Tainer Tackle Box. For over 65 years Flambeau has been your most trusted source in tackle storage. Flambeau Outdoors. Built to Fish. Built to Last.

-6 Partitions, including 10 Zerust dividers
-3700-size footprint
-High-Value Removable Latches

Dimensions: 14" x 8.75" x 2"

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Flambeau 5007 Tuff 'Tainer Tackle Box with Zerust

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Flambeau 5007 Tuff 'Tainer Tackle Box with Zerust $5.99

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Comments: Though it is written that dimension is 11"x7.25"x1.75, the actual size is 14"x8.5"x2" .

From: CA

Comments: Didn't get one of these from TW, but I have bought a few from other stores. Did not realize they were on here. Normally I would stick with the Bass Pro Shops 3700 size box to store my tackle, but after they all warped I decided to go with something tougher. These have withstood more than I could desire. The Texas heat hasn't done any damage to them yet while many others I would buy would be messed up by now. I plan to upgrade all of my boxes to these models. Great boxes at a great price.

From: Larry: Lake Fork, TX

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