Flambeau WP5005 Utility Box Adjustable With Zerust

Built with a completely waterproof construction, the Flambeau WP5005 Utility Box Adjustable With Zerust offers customizable storage for a wide-range of softbaits, hardbaits, and terminal tackle. Designed with a watertight O-ring seal and three strong-locking clasps, the Flambeau WP5005 Utility Box Adjustable With Zerust is ideal for holding more water-sensitive items.

For advanced protection against moisture, the Flambeau WP5005 Utility Box Adjustable With Zerust comes with 14 Zerust Dividers that are made to keep rust from forming on your hooks and metal components. Built using scientifically developed Zerust polymers, the dividers emit a harmless vapor that forms a bond around metal and prevents oxidation. Perfect for jigs, hooks, hardbaits, swimbaits, and much more, the Flambeau WP5005 Utility Box Adjusatable With Zerust provides plenty of waterproof, rust-resistant, and durable storage.


-4 Fixed partitions
-14 Zerust dividers
-3 Tight-locking clasps
-Watertight O-ring

Dimensions: 14"L x 8.9"W x 2.1"H 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I love these boxes they are great all around tackle boxes and are water proof and your hooks won't rust. I mainly use these boxes for my jigs because the have 4 rows down and 4 rows across. Which mean I can have 4 colors in 4 different sizes.

From: Anthony: New Jersey 11/21/16

Comments: Great tackle boxes. Very tough, water tight seal, and latches that won't break. Get some, you won't be disappointed.

From:Booman: Louisville, KY 11/18/16

Comments: Been very happy, they have held up much better than Plano's & are actually waterproof.

From: Alan: Alpharetta, GA 4/8/16

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