Gamakatsu Darter Heads 5pk

It can be frustrating trying to find a darter head with a truly sharp hook. After getting feedback from pro staff and anglers in the field Gamakatsu decided to come out with their own line of darter heads equipped with the sticky-sharp Gamakatsu hooks. The clean, bullet-shaped darter head features a bait keeper that won't split the end of skinny worms, but will positively hold up even over-sized worms. For a really clean looking rig try cutting the rounded nose off the worm before threading it on the Gamakatsu Darter Head to eliminate the gap between the lead and the worm. This technique will make it look like it's all one unit instead of a bullet trailing a worm. If you like using a darter head rig we think you'll love these heads from Gamakatsu. Each pack comes complete with fiber weedguards for each darter head so you can rig your worm with an open hook and still keep it weedless.

5 Gamakatsu Darter Heads per Pack

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