Gamakatsu Drop/Split Shot Hook Red 6pk - $2.99

Dropshotting is a specialized technique that requires the right components to make the rig work correctly. You need the right line, the right rod, the right weight, and the right hook. These dropshot hooks from Gamakatsu feature ultra-sharp points that will stick to anything that touches them and a bend behind the point that will hold a nose-hooked worm in the perfect position, ninety degrees from the line. The points will penetrate the hard upper lip of a bass and the sharp barb will not let the fish throw the hook when you are playing them in. The red color has been proven to trigger strikes from wary bass and the thin wire and sharp points of these hooks will positively hook any bass that bites.

6 Gamakatsu Red Dropshot Hooks per Pack

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Gamakatsu Drop/Split Shot Hook Red 6pk

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Drop/Split Shot Hook Red 4 $2.99
Drop/Split Shot Hook Red 2 $2.99
Drop/Split Shot Hook Red 1 $2.99
Drop/Split Shot Hook Red 1/0 $2.99

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