Gamakatsu Football Jig Heads 5pk

Everyone who has used Gamakatsu hooks knows how incredibly sharp and strong they are. It's only natural that Gamakatsu would produce a line of jig heads that would complement their great hooks. These football heads feature light wire hooks with a standard shank length, not the long shank design, so you can use them with shorter plastics like the Baby Brush Hogs and the smaller sizes of Yamamoto Hula Grubs and other spider grubs. There is no weedguard, but the jig will pull off most obstructions since the hook wire will bend enough to allow the jig to go free. This is a 90-degree hook, so the whole head will tip up as it is dragged across the bottom giving the bait more action. But, the key to this jig head is the ultra-sharp black nickel hook that gives you the confidence that it will hook and hold because it's Gamakatsu.

5 Gamakatsu Football Jig Heads per Pack

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Comments: Great jig for hula grubs, sharp hooks, head design doesn't snag often, and the hook is light enough you can get it to bend out if need be.

From: Joe: IN

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