Gamakatsu G-Finesse Series Wacky Jig Head 3pk

FLW pro, Shin Fukae, designed the Gamakatsu G-Finesse Series Wacky Jig Head to be one of the most snag proof wacky jig heads available. It features a dual titanium weedguard that is flexible enough to not inhibit bites, but stout and resilient enough to deflect snags when working your lure through brush piles, trees, etc. It also won’t get bent out shape as easily as stainless steel. Fukae even designed the head with a unique oval shape and recessed line eye to help it come through cover more easily than the traditional round head of most wacky jigs. Available in black and green pumpkin, the Gamakatsu G-Finesse Series Wacky Jig Head also features a specifically designed hook that holds your bait in place, and allows you to better impart action to your bait, while also facilitating better hooksets.

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    Model No. 312411-BK-1/16
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    Model No. 312411-GP-1/16
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Customer Reviews

Comments: I was a little hesitant buying these at over 2 bucks a hook, but figured I'd give them a shot. All I can say is WOW!I was on a lake a fish often and it was really slow. I started tossing a thin 7" sluggo style bait wacky rigged on this hook over some weeds and BAM. Almost every cast for like 15 minutes I was getting bit. Dinks to a 3 1/2 pounder. The thing that impressed me the most was they were ALL hooked perfectly in the corner of the mouth like you might expect with a circle hook when bait fishing. I'm not sure if this was intentional in the design but it sure has been nice. Wacky rigging before these I would sometimes gut hook one but not since. The weed guards are nice, very flexible and I have only had one of the two prongs break off on one hook since buying these. I highly recommend them.

From: Ryan: MA 11/10/15

Comments: Best Wacky Rig Jig Head without question. I fished the same cover, structure in back to back trips with 3 different 1/16 wacky rig jig heads. The G-Finesse hung up less and seemed to fall a little slower. I have caught quality fish this summer using this jig head.

From: Buck: Helena, AL 8/19/15

Comments: Great wacky jig. When I first started using them I was worried that the weed guard would break easily, the head weed guard and hook are all very durable. It also skips better than other wacky jigs I've tried.

From: Adam: USA 1/7/15

Comments: Had to give a review on these due to being my personal favorite. Have fished wacky rigs for some years now and have found these to be my favorite choice. Works well around light/moderate cover and almost always stabs them in the roof of the mouth for a firm hookset. Weedguards bend back easily without breaking, from my experience.

From: Malcolm: Kennesaw, GA 12/29/14

Comments: Been using this for the past 4 months now and I feel that this has the best hook size and profile for wacky rigging. There is enough gap to put a standard Senko in there and still have enough room to get a good hookset, even if the plastic starts balling up in there. So far, 4 out of 5 fish caught with this were hooked solidly on the upper mouth. Love the weedguard as it does it's job with light to moderate cover and it does NOT interfere with the hookset. I love them sooo much that I have all sizes!

From: Richard: Dublin, CA 6/28/14

Comments: I like how these look, weed guard is very durable, come through cover well. Sadly I caught a lot less fish last year using these. Was a poor year for wacky worms, and I think it was probably something different in how the jig head falls or wiggles. Going back to zappu

From: Joe: IN 3/31/14

Comments: Great Job guys! I love this set up. it has cut my time in half in rigging this set up. I have yet to loose any of my set ups. No line twists that you normally get with the tradition drop shot rig. I fish a drop shot a lot and so far the only part I have lost, is the tag end with the weight! so now all I have to do is keep a few lines rigged up with the weight on it so when I do loose the weight, I can reach in my box and grab the line and in seconds I'm back to fishing. I do however wish that this set up in the future will have a larger hook for power drop shot.

From: Frank: Owings Mills, Md.

Comments: I picked up a few packs of these just to give'em a try. The design is good, comes through cover much better than other weedless wacky jig heads. Hooks are sharp and I like the recessed line tie. So far, I haven't been satisfied with hook up ratio with these jig heads. Not sure what it is about them, the angle, weed guard or something else....they just don't bite into the fish like some other wacky jig heads I've used. These wouldn't be my first choice....but not my last choice either.

From: Joesph: Syracuse, NY

Comments: the weedguard falls off after a few fish disappointing for the price

From: Jeff: madison wis

Comments: The best Wacky jig head I have tried.  The wiggle action is incredible if you rig the right worm. 

From: Larry: Charlotte, NC

Comments: I used this for shaky head and it works great. The weed gourd is super strong. I love these for wacky too.

From: Trevor: FL

Comments: This gammy weedless is the "BEST", I literally went 2 the reservoir at the worst part of the day per fishing terms(late afternoon) an just smacked 'em dead. One cast after another, back to back 3lber on the first two casts. After that five more 2lbers to round out the day.. Get them while there instock!!!

From: Louis: The Bay

Comments: Best weedless and snagless jig head i have ever used.  Excellent design i must say.

From: Warren: Canada

Comments: good design, awsome hook, works great with senko. very deadly.

From: Tom: WI

Comments: These things are the best when it comes to throwing a "flick shake" the weed guard stays put and the hook is razor sharp! buy them!

From: Jesse: Phx, AZ

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