Gamakatsu Offset G-Lock Worm Hooks - $3.99 to $15.99

One of the more frustrating things that can happen to you when you're fishing a worm or other soft plastic bait is to get the lure back to the boat and seeing that the bait has slid down off the offset and is uselessly clumped down on the shank of the hook. It may have been bitten and pulled down or went through some rough cover and snagged, but as soon as that happens, for sure, you won't get bit. The G-Lock hook from Gamakatsu is designed to reduce the likelihood of that happening. The offset bend at the top of the shank, called the G-Lock, features a sharper than 90 degree bend so when pressure is put on the plastic bait it is pushed deeper into the offset, not pulled off and down the shank. That means you can be more confident your lure is rigged right and is capable of catching fish the whole length of the retrieve. The extra-wide gap works well with thick plastic baits as well as standard worm sizes and the hook point is in line with the eye which means all the force you put into the hookset goes straight into the point.

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Gamakatsu Offset G-Lock Worm Hooks

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Gama Offset G-Lock 2 6pk $3.99
Gama Offset G-Lock 1 6pk $3.99
Gama Offset G-Lock 1/0 6pk $3.99
Gama Offset G-Lock 2/0 6pk $3.99
Gama Offset G-Lock 3/0 5pk $3.99
Gama Offset G-Lock 4/0 5pk $3.99
Gama Offset G-Lock 5/0 5pk $3.99
Gama Offset G-Lock 1/0 25pk $13.99
Gama Offset G-Lock 2/0 25pk $14.99
Gama Offset G-Lock 3/0 25pk $15.99
Gama Offset G-Lock 4/0 25pk $15.99
Gama Offset G-Lock 5/0 25pk $15.99

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Comments: Quite simply the best designed work hook I've ever used. They are strong, sharp and hold the bait better than any other. Percentage of solid hooksets is fantastic. I very seldom lose a bass on these hooks.

From: Ted: Greenville, SC 10/30/15

Comments: I only use this hooks but I'm pretty disappointed in them. I hooked into a big enough fish that my hook Bent and I lost the fish. I was using a 4/0 hook which I thought was big enough

From: Vinny: CA

Comments: Have yet to lose a fish on one of these hooks. Best drop shot hook, period.

From: Brian: San Francisco

Comments: The perfect Senko hook, in my opinion. In the 4/0 size, the sharp bend near the eye prevents the bait from slipping. Just a great hook.

From: John: Buffalo, NY

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