Gamakatsu Stand Up Alien Heads 4pk - $6.99

Perfect for rock or hard bottom fishing, the Gamakatsu Stand Up Alien Head Jig also features a brand new bait keeping system designed to hold your bait in place without tearing. The wire keepers allow you to just press your bait down onto it, and the opposing barbs will hold it perfectly. No screws to mess with, it makes rigging effortless and holds baits securely. Also equipped with a super sharp black nickel finesse hook, the Gamakatsu Stand Up Alien Head Jigs stand up great on the bottom and help you get more mileage out of your plastics.

4 per pack

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Gamakatsu Stand Up Alien Heads 4pk

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Comments: Great shakey heads, I only use worms with the elza tech plastics like the zman or strike king finesse worms stand up reguardless if the jig falls down!

From: Shaun: Staunton, VA

Comments: This is probably the worst shaky head on the market. It's hard to keep it standing for long,(let alone trying to shake it). Also the keeper, not only is it a task to keep the worm on, its super long so you only get a small amount of gap. I'm probably going to use Missile Baits' Warlock shaky head, which has a better design and still has the Gammy hook. God bless.

From: Elijah: Mystic, CT

Comments: Best shakey head out there dont loose any fish if ya know how to set the hook

From: Zack: Marietta, GA

Comments: This is by far the best shaky head I have used thus far.  I started with the Yum Pumpkin Ed jig and while I still like that jig this one tops it by far.  I caught a 5.89lb Smallmouth fishing one of these. I haven't had an issue with hook-ups at all.

From: Felix: Albany, NY

Comments: I agree with Mark. I stopped by TW last sunday and picked some of these up. I got plenty of hits but a low hook-up percentage. And every bite I had, was a lost worm. The keeper is a poor design , it needs the spring type keeper and a wider hook gap.

From: Greg: Atascadero, CA

Comments: Used this shakey head exclusively all spring and summer.  Had a good hookup rate, but lost too many fish.  The bait keeper is junk.  After about 12 fish it starts to break off.  For being on the expensive side for shakey heads, I would expect better quality.  I love the way it works the baits in the water, but I would lose too many fish with it.  Big Bite Baits makes a similar one that is cheaper and the hookup rate is alot better for me. 

From: Mark: MO

Comments: agree with Scott. These are the best shaky heads out there

From: Cody: ME

Comments: These are the best finesse shaky heads there are. Thats it

From: Scott: ME

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